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Choosing the Right Treestand

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Bow season is already in full swing, but there is still time to gear up for muzzleloader and modern gun. With the preparation comes the need to choose a stand that fits each hunters’ needs.

Ladder Stand

Hunters who frequent the same area, whether on private or public land, may choose the most permanent of stands. Ladder stands are the easiest to set up before season begins and take down once it’s over. Those who are uneasy about heights can take some comfort knowing there is a ladder below them that is touching the ground. Ladder stands are the most sturdy stand option when installed properly.

The downsides to this stand type are the size and weight of it. Those who want to be able to be mobile; or easily change trees throughout the season or even throughout the day will find the installation processes to be a pain. Ladder stands are the heaviest and bulkiest option. If you are wanting to move around or have the option to be mobile without waking up the whole forest moving a stand, ladder stands may not be the right fit.

Climbing Stands

Climbing stands are lighter, and designed to be much more mobile. Any hunters looking for ease of movement between places will appreciate the ability to take this stand with you. Strap it to your back, and you’re ready to walk in to your spot.

The downside of this stand type is the limitations the design makes. Because you are scaling up a tree and attached to the tree from the bottom, trees with limbs will pose a danger. One solution would be carrying a small saw to remove limbs as you climb, or detach and reattach your stand. Both of which have dangers attached to them.

Depending on the amount of gear you take with you, adding a stand to your person that will then need to be worked up the tree may max out a person’s abilities. If you are a light packer, move around often, and hunting in an area without low lying limbs the climber stand may be the perfect fit.

Hang-On Stand

There is a third option- easy to leave all season like a ladder stand, but without the hassle and worry of leaving the ladder accessible to just anyone. A hang on stand is attached to the tree, and accessed by use of climbing sticks. Hang-on stands are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to carry in.

Hang-on stands are also designed for easy movement and comfort. But it is a lot of work to hang one if in an area that’s not a top priority for hunting it may not be worth the effort to hang it.

Each tree stand has benefits, but all may not suit every hunger. Knowing where and how you hunt will provide clarity when it comes to choosing a stand.

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Madison VanRavensway
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