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City Council Candidate Profile: Lora Lea Rice


We are profiling the candidates for Greenwood City Council, Ward 3 Position 1. Alderman Ralph Meeker currently holds that seat.

City Council Candidate Profile: Lora Lea Rice

Who am I?
I am a Greenwood girl and have built my life around this special place we call home. I, along with my parents and my children, are Greenwood High School alumni. Two of my grandchildren currently attend Greenwood Schools.

Why do I want to sit on the Greenwood City Council?
As Americans, I believe we have a civic duty and responsibility to improve our neighborhoods and our nation. It is also my desire to serve and give back to this community that raised me and was so very good to me a few years ago when I suffered through and survived an acute illness. I care about this place and the people who live here and want to see good things for Greenwood.

Why should you vote for me?

  • I have organizational and analytical skills that I have honed during my 35+ years as a bookkeeper and controller. I have spent those years dealing with budgets, agreements, policies, financial decisions, and long range plans. I think these skills make me an ideal candidate for this position.
  • I am fiscally conservative and will apply my conservative values to the city’s resources and finances.
  • I will advocate best practices to improve quality of life for Greenwood residents. I want to see Greenwood thrive.
  • I am pro law enforcement
  • I may not have all the answers but I am willing to research and listen. I am open to hearing opposing views. I believe in accountability and transparency in government and promise to listen to citizens and prayerfully make well-informed decisions.
  • I will speak up and stand up for keeping Greenwood the treasure that we all know, love, and enjoy.

I ask for your vote in November and thank you in advance for your support- Lora Lea Rice

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