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Clay Dyer to Speak at Fishers of Men Rally

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If you have met Clay Dyer, watched his YouTube videos, or heard his testimony, you won’t forgot it. That’s guaranteed.

If you haven’t, you should. In fact you’ll have a perfect chance this coming Saturday night at the First Annual Fishers of Men Rally. The rally is slated to begin at 6 p.m. at the Greenwood Boys and Girls Club.

Why? Clay is known as a staple of his own motto, “if I can do it, you can do it,” supported by his profound belief in his faith. He was created on purpose, for purpose to achieve a purpose.

Professional fishing is his platform that illustrates his faith, which in turn allows him to be a heavily sought after motivational speaker. Dyer is a bass fishing tournament angler who has no limits.

By nature, you want to help him. Yet he needs very little assistance. Clay is completely capable of almost everything. To add to that, in balance, you will never hear him complain. Ever. His humor and positive demeanor silences the potential for any negativity.

Bringing his message of faith, Dyer isn’t shy about it. In fact, he brings it in a vehicle you can’t mistake, and puts it right in front of you. There’s no time for popcorn, or a sugary coating. It is what it is, and that is cold hard facts of faith, and unwavering belief.

Personally speaking, Clay is the perfect choice for this event. He will speak to all age groups, have a demanding presence, and carry a voice that will be heard.

Dyer will bring a dynamic to this event that will be talked about for weeks, even months, as well as the basis for which this event was founded.

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