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Collett, Queen of Hearts

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By Tammy Moore Teague

*photos courtesy of Samantha Maechler

Mom, Barbara Collett and daughter Lilly, prepare for Waldron’s Homecoming on Friday night.

Waldron’s Homecoming on Friday night was a bittersweet event for mom, Barbara Collett. Her daughter, Lillian Collett, has been voted unanimously by her peers for the past four years to serve as the class maid. This year was her final year, as she served as Senior Maid.

“She is extremely excited,” stated Collett’s mom. “That’s all she talks about, she feels like a princess!” She is every bit of royalty within the school district. She is loved by everyone, and she in turn, loves them too! “She never meets a stranger,” her mom added. Her smile is contagious and so is her bubbly personality! “She has a huge smile, and she’s always wearing it!,” Barbara Collett added.

She needed a dress to match that vivacious personality. “She wanted pink,” her mom noted. “But, we couldn’t do that, but she definitely wanted bling!” Lillian, lovingly known as Lilly, inspires all those around her. “Lilly gets excited about the little things in life. Things that some kids may take for granted are a really big deal for her.”

Lillian Collett

Collette has Down’s Syndrome, and battles other health issues, but she doesn’t dwell on the things she can’t do. “A lot of normal people would be down, but she’s still got that joy and smile,” her mother added. She sees no difference in her abilities, and plans to go on to further her education after graduating. In addition to school, Collett also enjoys going to church, participating in praise and worship, riding the bus and shopping. She noted her favorite place to eat is McDonalds! Lastly, she loves the family dogs, Duke and Micco. The German Shepherd duo are her personal protectors.

Proud parents, Michael and Barbara Collett.

Her parents are extremely proud of her. Collett’s father, Michael Collett, is a full-time police officer for the City of Waldron. The couple have six children and have lived in Waldron for 25 years.

Congratulations to Collette on this monumental honor and thank you for being such an inspiration to those who are blessed to know you!

Lillian surrounded by members of the Waldron Bulldog football team.




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