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Common Electrical Problems in Your House

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Here we explore a few of the common electrical problems in homes and whether they’re harmless or hazardous. Some issues you can tackle yourself if you’d like.

Loose Outlet

This electrical problem is harmless, but you should still address it. First, turn off your breaker and double-check that no voltage is going to the outlet using a voltmeter or by plugging something in. Unscrew the cover plate from the wall and add outlet shims until the outlet is flush with the wall.

Breakers Tripping Frequently

This hazardous issue typically signifies that the circuit is overloaded and using too much electricity. To resolve the problem, add another circuit or you upgrade your electrical service.

Broken Light Switch

This is a harmless problem that you can fix yourself if you’d like. Turn off the circuit breaker and remove the faceplate with a flathead screwdriver. Then grab your Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the light switch. Conduct a test of the two wires connected to the screw for electricity. When it’s safe, separate them and then reassemble the switch.

Short Circuit

Another harmless common electrical problem in your house is a trip or short circuit. All you need to do to remedy this is reset the breaker.

If this is a repeated occurrence with the same appliance, the appliance is likely the problem, not the electrical system. However, if it’s happening repeatedly and you’re also noticing warning signs of a bad circuit breaker, it’s time to call a pro.

Dead Outlet

This problem is a hazardous issue that you should fix immediately. It could result from a weak connection or a breaker that tripped due to excessive heat buildup, resulting in melted wiring or outlets.

Warm Switches or Outlets

Call a professional electrician immediately for any warm switches or outlets, unless they’re dimmer switches. This problem is a critical safety concern.

If you’ve been avoiding any of these common electrical problems in your house, keep in mind that they could be serious concerns—or simple fixes you could address yourself. If you’re not a big do-it-yourselfer, no problem. Give your local professional a call to address the issues for you.

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