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Common Hydroponic Plant Problems and Their Solutions

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Owning a hydroponic garden may be a lot of hard work, but the result is more than worth it in the end. Having clean, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year long is well worth the effort that you need to put into maintaining your hydroponic system, especially if it puts your plants at lower risk for diseases.

As a beginner gardener, making yourself aware of some of the most common hydroponic plant problems and their solutions will aid you greatly as you learn how to grow with water, light, and nutrients alone.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities

Learning how to create your own nutrient solution without the help of soil is a difficult hurdle to leap over at first. Maybe you don’t mix the fertilizer enough or need less of a nutrient to grow a certain crop—any nutrient problem will frustrate you when you’re just starting out.

Pay attention to your plants’ leaves as they grow. Plants show many types of nutrient deficiencies and toxicities through their leaves. Sometimes, they’ll show problems through their stem or roots as well. Discoloration or stunting may result from improper nutrient balance—pay careful attention to where the problem is. You should also note the color of the plant and the EC of the nutrient solution to help figure out your issue.

Solution: Look at a chart of nutrient deficiency and toxicity signs and adjust your nutrient solution according to the missing or oversaturated nutrient.

Algae Growth

No matter what purpose a tank full of water serves, the threat of algae can ruin the day. If you let algae grow out of control in your hydroponic garden, it can cause nutrient deficiency, drowning, and disease. Stop algae growth in your garden by purchasing opaque containers, tubing, and lids to prevent light from coming in. If you notice it in your garden, don’t scrape it away—clean and sanitize your entire system and refill the nutrient basin.

However, this common hydroponic plant problem and its solution are completely irrelevant if you simply switch to an opaque, light-blocking system that prevents the growth of algae. It’s okay to check on your plant’s growth and its roots occasionally, but you don’t need a transparent container to do so!

Solution: Clean and sanitize the entire hydroponic system. Replace with opaque components whenever possible.

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