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Common Trees That Will Look Great in Your Yard

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Trees can make an excellent addition to your yard. They provide shade and privacy, and they increase the property value.

Knowing which species to plant can make a significant difference in the overall feel of the space. Here are some common trees that will look great in your yard.


Dogwood trees are a deciduous species that fit nicely into any natural environment. They have low branches that give them an almost shrub-like appearance. Their snowy white flowers appear in early spring and give way to a lustrous green in the summer.

Tree care can affect your property value, so do your research before you start planting. The best place for dogwood is in partial shade, where they can get enough water to stay hydrated throughout the year. Wild dogwoods grow in the understory and will thrive in moist soil. Once they’ve established roots, they won’t need to be irrigated.


Maples are a typical North American species appreciated for their colorful fall foliage. The leaves of maple are well known for their five-pointed shape and turning brilliant shades of red and orange once the weather starts to change.

You can find maple trees in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. While some are tall and narrow, others grow short and wide, offering a nice variety for homeowners. Sugar, black, and red maples are among the few species that can be tapped for syrup.


One of the most easily distinguished species of tree is the birch. Its tall trunk, covered in white bark, is immediately recognizable, even within a densely forested area. As the trees age, their bark splits into irregular patterns, creating unique textures that homeowners will appreciate.

Birch trees need plenty of sunlight for their large canopies, so placing them where they’ll receive maximum coverage is ideal. Because they grow so large, you’ll want to space them at least a few dozen feet apart. Younger trees should receive plenty of water to ensure they stay healthy.


A common sight across most of North America, oak trees can grow in many different soils, climates, and elevations. Easily recognizable for their grooved bark, these trees have a thick, rough texture that sets them apart from other similar species.

Oak trees should be planted in the winter months while there’s plenty of moisture in the ground. Their acorns are a common food source for squirrels and other critters, so you must protect them as they take root. You’ll want to find a sunny spot at least 15 feet away from the home so its roots have room to spread out.

Plant Species You Can Appreciate

Planting common trees that will look great in your yard will pay dividends in the long run.

Depending on your tastes and where your home is located, you may want different tree species for your yard. Learning about proper care techniques will ensure trees grow strong and healthy.

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