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Commonly Overlooked Home Maintenance Tasks

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Your home is where you eat, sleep, rest, and play. Why let the small things fall into disrepair? You can’t ignore a leaking roof or a broken window for long, but you might let other duties fall through the cracks. Here are the most commonly overlooked home maintenance tasks.

Fixing Squeaky Door Hinges

What’s more annoying than a long “eeeeehhh” when you open a door? Letting that bothersome noise continue for months and years. Why overlook this easily fixed home maintenance task? When professionals first install doors, they lubricate the hinges with thick mechanical jelly. This wears off over time, leading to an unoiled contact point where metal rubs against metal. Remedy this annoyance by lubricating your door hinges. You can even use coconut oil for a DIY approach.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Your gutters handle water drainage on your property. Gutters funnel rainfall through channels and downspouts toward the lowest runoff area. Without proper gutters, you can’t hope to weather heavy rains. But many people neglect cleaning their gutters. Some may even question whether gutters with gutter guards need to be cleaned. No matter the reasoning, unattended gutters can cause problems like leaky roofs and moldy walls. Maintain your water drainage system regularly.

Unclogging Your Drains

Whether you’re cooking food or rinsing off in the shower, you need to remove dirty water from the basin you’re using. The water runoff drains into the plumbing below. However, the speed and efficiency of this drainage depend entirely on the cleanliness of the piping.

Unclogging drains can feel like a daunting nightmare, but it’s a rather simple task. You must unscrew the drain and remove all clumps of debris from the pipe entrance. This one act will remove most of the surface-level problems you experience.

If the drain is still slow and unresponsive, invest in a drain unclogging fluid you can pour down the sink. Most gel fluids require time to work their way through your system until they eat through the accumulated debris.

Remember these commonly overlooked home maintenance tasks as you plan your home cleaning checklist. The last thing you want to do is forget to address these issues. If you feel like you can’t handle these tasks on your own, reach out to a professional for help. While you may not want to ascend a ladder to check your roof and gutters, experts can tackle the problem.

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