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Communication Is Key: 3 Easy Ways To Promote School Events

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Every school system knows how essential it is to effectively communicate with employees, parents, and students. Depending on what you’re trying to communicate, the mode for effective communication will change. One prominent example is sharing school events. If your local school is hosting an event for employees, parents, and students, then you need to effectively share that with them. But you don’t need to bend over backwards to do it. Keep reading to learn about three easy ways to promote school events.

Social Media

Our world is currently obsessed with social media. Teachers share funny stories on TikTok, students Snapchat all day, parents check their Facebook every chance they get, and so on. While social media can be a distraction in the classroom, it can be an asset outside of the classroom. Use this asset to your advantage when planning and sharing school events. Make a filter for Snapchat, create a Facebook event, and decorate a wall for promotional Instagram photos. Once you make the virtual world aware of your school event, your community will show up in person.

Marquee Announcements

Another way to electronically spread the word outside of social media is to post the school event on your marquee. You probably have lots of information on your school marquee already, but you can easily add another slide if it’s electric. If your marquee isn’t electric, then put your announcement up around your event timeline. Share when and how people should buy tickets, if they’re necessary. Share the specific location if you’re only using part of the school to host. Remind people of the day and time as the event gets closer, and offer contact information for people with questions.

Old-Fashioned Paper

Sometimes the best way to communicate is the old-fashioned way. You can use posters to reach people who don’t use social media and don’t drive by the marquee. Hang up the posters within the school where students can easily take pictures, send extra posters home, and hang posters around your community. Make sure to include the same information you’re sharing on social media and on the marquee. Since this is the old-fashioned technique, make sure to include old-fashioned contact information like the phone number and email for the person in charge of the event.

Using social media, marquee announcements, and posters are three easy ways to promote your school event. No matter which way you choose, or if you use a combination of the three, remember to include all the vital event information. If something changes, make sure to update your communication system so everyone who wants to attend the event can get there.

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