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Competitors Brace For Bulldogs Wrath


The Waldron Sr High Bulldogs were already six games into their 2019-2020 basketball season when they suffered their first loss against Lavaca by a mere four points. That momentum has only intensified as the days go by with the Bulldogs leaving a trail of carnage behind them. As of now, Waldron sits 17-4 in total season play and 6-1 in their 3A-1 conference division with the one loss coming at the hands of the Charleston Tigers on January 14.

Earlier in the week, Waldron took to the courts in Greenland to try their hand at plundering the Pirates. And in true Bulldog fashion, the boys were successful in their mission 68-52. With the conclusion of this game, Waldron is left holding 1,405 points in their hands with plenty of room left to spare.

True to form, Payton Brown climbed out of the Pirates wreckage with 23 points on the game followed by Isaac “The Real” Villarreal with his over the top shots earning him 12 points. Braden Williams owned every play he laid at Greenland’s feet gaining him 10 points while Jacob Avila once again delivered his lightning-fast moves breaking Pirate ankles and putting eight points on the board. Gada Wagner earned five points by patiently hiding in the shadows like a lion before ferociously striking his prey.

Mason Ford and Caden Fuller were able to meticulously follow through in every play with their knowledgeable court moves netting them four points each. And always able to spot his opponent’s flaws on the court with his eagle eye vision was Ruben Valdez who snagged two points for his team.

The Waldron Bulldogs will be back on the road on Friday, January 24 as they look to outshine yet again the (6-11) West Fork Tigers. The Bulldogs have already done this song and dance with the Tigers in their first conference game of the season where Waldron was victorious 74-57. West Fork currently holds a 1-5 conference record.

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