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Conference Play Over For Sr Tigers


Like always, all good things must come to an end. The Mansfield Sr High Tigers have finished with their 2018-2019 conference play season and now waits patiently for District to start next week. Mansfield closed out the season with back to back games against West Fork and Cedarville over the past weekend.

#4 Tyler Holmes, #2 Jaicy Griffin, and #20 Colton Stipins

The Tigers boys’ team split the win-loss column with their games against the Tigers and the Pirates. Mansfield lost 73-47 against West Fork but picked up a 58-56 win over Cedarville. The boys closed out their season one of the best ways possible. At home, against a bitter rival, while scoring a win. During both of the times that the Tigers and the Pirates faced one another, each game ended within points of each other. The Mansfield Tigers end their season with a 2-12 record in conference play.

Lady Tigers vs Lady Pirates

For the Lady Tigers, their season ended bittersweet. Although the girls weren’t able to finish with wins, they know what needs to be fixed so that they can come back next year better than ever. The final scores from both games were 58-22 West Fork and 49-38 Cedarville. During their game against West Fork, Amber Elmore led with 9 points. Brooke Wright made 5 points. Rylea Weaver secured 3 points and combining for 5 points was Mikayla Harrison and Samantha Smith.

Defensively in the Cedarville game, the Lady Tigers had a great night. Makayla Strutton got 8 rebounds and 3 steals. Rylea Weaver had 7 rebounds, 5 deflections, and 4 steals. Brooke Wright got 3 rebounds and 3 block shots. Amber Elmore grabbed 7 rebounds and 2 steals. Mikayla Harrison got 3 steals and 2 rebounds. And Macy Davis had 2 deflections and 2 rebounds. The Lady Tigers end their conference play season with a 1-13 record.

#00 JoJo Bailey and #20 Colton Stipins

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