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Constitutional Carry Law Upheld


By Tammy Moore Teague
The Arkansas Court of Appeals recently issued a ruling upholding open carry or concealed carry of a firearm without a license/permit in Arkansas. This ruling brings clarity to the law, Arkansas is a constitutional carry state.
Since the passage of Act 746 in 2013, no permit has been required to carry a weapon openly or concealed. However, that has been challenged by many who claimed the law was unclear. The courts ruling clarified that having a weapon concealed without a permit is legal.
State Representative Marcus Richmond said “In the Taff case the Judge ruled that you did not have to have a concealed carry permit to carry concealed. Act 746 folks have been waiting on this ruling and they got what was needed. I am pleased with the ruling. I do not believe we have to have permission to carry. The permit in Arkansas was/is one of the most expensive around our area. The training was questionable in many places and wasn’t worth the cost.”
You can read the complete ruling of Taff vs. State of Arkansas HERE.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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