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Cool Ways to Spruce Up a Bedroom


Sometimes the space you’re in can affect your mood. For example, everyone spends frequent time in their bedroom, and a boring, plain room can damper their mood. Some people may not know how to convert their current spaces into something more inviting. Fortunately, these cool ways to spruce up a bedroom will help. Read on to learn how you can add creativity through some artwork, rearranged furniture, mood lighting, and sewn crafts.

Rearrange Furniture

One easy way to change up a plain bedroom is to rearrange your furniture. Aesthetics get stale after a while, so changing the bedroom layout can refresh things. Move your bed from one side of the room to the other or rearrange it from vertically to horizontally against a wall. Rearranging furniture may also give you more space than before. From there, you can add or get rid of furniture pieces you like or dislike. Either way, this can create a dream sleeping spot.

Cover Any Blank Spots

Another neat trick is to cover any empty spots on your walls. Art, posters, pictures, or other decorations turn a blank wall into a canvas. Since this is your bedroom, you can decide what you want to hang. Even silly trinkets and toys make great decorations. Consider hanging shelves that can show off your prized possessions. Seeing your walls adorned with various items might surprise you.

Sew Some Nifty Décor

Most people purchase their pillows, blankets, linens, coverings, and bedspreads from the store, but you can use some bedroom sewing projects to add color and creativity. Some examples are restyling pillows, creating room dividers, decorating your nightstand, or making your own furnishings. Rather than spend money on these items, you can start a new hands-on hobby where you make them yourself.

Change Up Your Lighting

Finally, changing up your lighting is a cool way to spruce up a bedroom. Ambient and mood lighting not only make you feel more relaxed, but also make your living space more relaxing. Alternatively, you can opt for a reading sconce that swivels in whichever direction you desire. Dimmer switches and multicolored bulbs can create a calming environment. There are endless possibilities to add different light fixtures to your bedroom, so take your time and choose some that appeal to you.

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