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Council Further Discusses Yard Sale Ordinance

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By Tammy Moore Teague
At Thursday’s Mansfield City Council meeting, no action was taken in regards to the proposed yard sale ordinance the council had considered back in August. –See related story.
City Attorney Matt Ketcham was on hand and answered questions regarding inquiries the council has received on being charged to obtain permits for the yard sales. “I want to clarify that there will be no fees for obtaining permits,” stated Mayor Mike Gipson. Ketcham responded saying he agreed, and that it is mainly a way to keep track of “who’s having them, when they’re having them and how long.”
Additionally, it is a way to control signage, which has been an apparent problem for the city. That is, people putting signs up on city property and failing to take them down.
Alderman Georganna Mabry interjected that if the problem is mainly signage, why not address that problem. Ketcham said their should be a current ordinance in place that forbids signs being put on city property. She responded, “If thats the case we need to enforce the ordinance we already have.”
Following the discussion, no formal action was taken to move forward with the permits.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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