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Country Church Rich with History


By Ron Cochran

One of the oldest churches in south Logan County is the Pine Log Community Church. It was founded in 1871 and has served as a place of worship, a school and a meeting place for the community.

In 1871, an acre of land was donated for the purpose of a school and church to serve all denominations. Hand-hewn pine logs were used to build the original church, that’s how it got its name. Although the church has been remodeled and additions have been made over the years, the main auditorium still rests on the original foundation of hand-hewn logs.

A cemetery was also established just west of the church and now covers five acres and contains over six hundred graves.

The congregation of the church consisted of people and ministers belonging to all denominations. Those ministers have served the church throughout the years. Those who have served as pastor include Parson Holland, Brother Wright, Brother Etchion, Brother Ben Black, Reverend Huston Grayson, Ben Self, Reverend Richard Roat, Reverend Bryant, Elmer Polson, Auther Young, Bert Blankenship, Brother Sweat, Brother Thorton, Brother Dalton, A.L. Chaffin, Isum Goff, A.D. Kent, W.O. Dempsey, Nolen Bobbitt, Don Elmore, Bob Kennedy, Don Cochran, Brother Jedd and Brother Gilliam.

Throughout the years, the people of the community have supported the church and helped it to grow and prosper. Several generations of Cochrans, Camps, Blythes, Hunts, Nichols, Earps, Lowes, Williams, Nelsons, Hollands, Woods, Dickins and Norris families have influenced the Pine Log community.

Today the Pine Log Church still stands as a tribute to the generations whose faith and love have kept it going and contributed so much to this community.

*Courtesy of Pat Blanscet Dill

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