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Dave’s Small Engine Service is Mowing it Forward


Not too long ago a customer of Dave’s Small Engine Service in Mansfield donated two push mowers with the stipulation that they be donated to someone in need.

Owner Craig Johnson said he thought it over and propositioned that good Samaritan, Jeremy Book, to expand on that offering.

“I thought it over,” said Johnson. “I thought why not let anyone who needs it to come and borrow it. I asked him and he thought it was a great idea.”

Johnson quickly made that offering on his business’ Facebook page. As of this week he has loaned the mower out to four or five different individuals who were in need of a lawn mower.

He recalled one of those people admitted they were at risk of being ticketed for violating a property maintenance ordinance. “They came and picked it up and were only gone about 30 minutes and it helped them.”

Johnson also welcomed young people to utilize the loaner. His goal is to encourage youth to know the value of hard work.

His offer stands to anyone who is willing to come pick it up. He only requires a drivers license number before it leaves the shop. He will do the maintenance and upkeep of the mower as a service to the community.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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