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Different Wood Species That Work Well Together

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Have you ever walked into a home and found that the flooring, furniture, and trim all utilize the same wood, down to the same hue? While using one wood species throughout the space encourages cohesiveness, it can also lack interest and make a room feel flat. However, just as you can mix metals, you can utilize different wood materials to avoid having bland space.

Different Wood Species That Work Well Together

Walnut and Maple

Walnut wood is a chocolate-brown species that is dense and durable. With its relatively straight grain, this dark species works well with lighter woods for a bold, exciting contrast. Maple is a light, creamy material with some reddish-brown hues that beautifully combines with walnut.

White Oak and Walnut

Oak is a popular wood species in furniture and flooring. A highly durable material, white oak tends to have a light beige through brown appearance with an open grain. When paired with dark brown walnut, you can guarantee you’ll have an exciting pairing that you and others can appreciate.

Cherry and Maple

Cherry is a straight-grain wood species with a satiny smooth texture. It begins with a light pinkish color that darkens over time to a dark reddish hue when exposed to light. Cherry is a prized hardwood for artisans and can be an excellent partner to maple wood’s reddish-brown hues.

Mahogany and Maple

Mahogany is a solid hardwood with a straight, even grain that takes to staining easily. Like cherry, mahogany also has a reddish-brown color that darkens over time. Combining this beautiful species with maple provides an appealing contrast, with patterns that you can marvel over again and again.

Mahogany door frames also work well with maple elements. This combination provides a great touch to any space for added depth.

Red Oak and White Ash

Red oak is a light to medium brown wood species with a reddish undertone. It’s a porous material with a straight grain. It can work well when paired with similarly textured white ash. The sharp grain lines of ash timber create zig-zag patterns and complement red oak.

Different wood species work well together in your home when you consider their colors and undertones. Given the natural versatility of the material, wood is incredibly dynamic. As a result, multiple wood combinations can fulfill the aesthetic of your home’s interior design.

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