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Easiest Tips for Redecorating on a Budget

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With so many home-improvement shows, it’s easy to feel inspired and start dreaming about changing your living space. However, this is usually an expensive process that requires multiple shopping trips. Luckily, there are several DIY tips for redecorating on a budget that you can apply to your home. Beautifying plans such as rearranging or repurposing furniture or getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls can really change up a space.

Rearrange Furniture

A room’s look and feel can change drastically by simply moving the furniture around; try various layouts until you find one that’s most comfortable. For example, reposition your couch’s location in the family room or consider moving a coffee table from the study into the living room.

While this may not seem like much, moving furniture around a room can create a cozy or open space. Think about adding a lamp or new pictures to accent the area.

Repurpose Old Pieces

Furniture is excellent because it’s versatile; moving it around a room or repurposing it entirely could change its current use. Instead of purchasing all new furniture, reuse what you already have. You can do this by reupholstering chairs with a new fabric or changing the way you use a piece altogether. For example, repurpose a dresser into a shelving unit by merely removing the drawers and inserting wooden planks.

Another tip for redecorating on a budget if you have some money to spend is to go thrift shopping; this allows you to repurpose old pieces at a discounted rate. In doing so, you add new furniture to your home while also reusing what already exists.

Fresh Paint

Lastly, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint allows for plenty of creative liberties depending on style, colors, and the ambiance of the room. There are various ways to apply paint to the walls, creating different textures that switch up a space. For example, sponging paint on a wall won’t look the same as using a roller.

Moreover, consider painting an accent wall. Remember, an accent wall doesn’t have to be complex; it can range from wallpaper to painting with a different color. Depending on the colors used, this may make a small room feel larger. If you tie it into your furniture’s positioning, it opens a space, giving all the benefits of redecorating without going over budget.

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