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Evans Announces Candidacy for Scott County Judge

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I would like to announce that I will be running for the office of Scott County Judge in the upcoming November election. I have lived in Scott County all my life and have always said I could of went somewhere else and made a better living but I chose to stay here because this is my home, my family was here and we are very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I started working at a young age at Harris Motor Company for Fred and Bill Harris. Fred terrified me back then however he taught me a lot about work ethics and accountability, he expected me to work for the money he paid me I didn’t get a lot of downtime when Fred was around. As soon as I turned 18 I went to Tyson Foods and spent 15 years working for them in various departments, after that I co-owned and published a weekly newspaper, some may remember the “Scott County Times.” Since 2002 I have worked for the Arkansas Department of Agriculture /Natural Resource Division as a Water Quality Technician at the Poteau River Conservation District in Waldron. I have assisted the District in constructing and obtaining grants used to improve local farms and ranches by implementing best management practices. We are working with the city on a 319 grant that is now in process and have another grant in the works for the district. I deal with poultry operators and landowners on a day-to-day basis and will continue to do so if elected as needed along with everyone else that has questions or issues; everyone will be welcome to come address their concerns big or small regarding the county to myself or staff at any time.

Brad Evans, candidate for Scott County Judge

It is evident to me that whoever gets elected has some big shoes to fill. Judge Forbes has done so much to help our county and under his guidance and leadership, our county has flourished. With that being said there are things that can be worked on we just need to be more efficient in areas to continue growing our county. However, no matter who gets elected not any of us are going to agree on everything so I assume there can and will be some changes made but we can work through them together with constructive input from the public. All of our Fire Departments and County Roads are important just as is ‘every citizen within our county.’ By working together we can continue moving Scott County forward.

As the election gets closer I will be out visiting with folks and listening to issues concerning them, maybe we can fix or improve some of them. I would like for you all to consider voting for me for your next Scott County Judge.

—Brad Evans, candidate for Scott County Judge

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