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Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Beekeeping


Beekeeping isn’t simply a hobby you can decide you’re going to start one day in your backyard. If you happen to have the idea, a lot of preparation and education must come before you start the process. Don’t let that overwhelm you and discourage you from this wonderful and enjoyable hobby, though. Instead, start here today by reading this article covering everything you need to know before you start beekeeping.

Outline Why You Want To Be a Beekeeper

Many people become beekeepers for an assortment of reasons. Your personal reason will help you, and motivate you, to get started. For example, if you merely want to do it as a backyard hobby, you’d go about it much differently then if you were going to use it as a business. A beekeeping business has a lot more to it! Knowing what you want out of this experience will help pave your path to success.

Take a Look at Your Budget

Determine how much money you’re willing to spend on this. Again, if this is just a hobby in your backyard you won’t need every tool and piece of equipment to get started. Yes, there are crucial components such as the beehive itself, and a veil and gloves—however, there are items that, depending on your budget, you can buy at a later date. For example, you don’t need to purchase a beekeeper suit at the beginning considering you can tape your long sleeve shirt to your gloves. Do your research to find out just exactly what you need to get this venture going.

How Much Time Beekeeping Takes

Beekeeping might not be the way to go if you don’t have the time to invest into it. It’s not something that you can ignore. A lack of care or attention to the hive could directly cause lack of food, disease, and more for the bees. Don’t let this be the case. If you can’t handle the time commitment, don’t do it.

Starter Hives Versus Kits

There are to ways to get started on this beekeeping adventure: starter hives and bee kits. They are different; however, you can decide which one is best for you. A starter hive is the more expensive of the two, however, you’re given both the hive and the thriving colony at once. The bee kit, on the other hand, is cheaper. You only get the queen along with an army of workers or drones. With the bee kit you have to set up vacant hives before introducing bees. Please do an abundance of research before deciding which option you want to start with!

Beekeeping is a great and beneficial way to connect with nature. If you’re considering starting beekeeping, that’s wonderful! It’s our hope this information covering everything you need to know before you start beekeeping gave you a foundation to work off of.

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