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Family, the Heart of Waldron PD


Since he was a child, Waldron Police Chief Jeremy Hunt has known he wanted to serve on the police force. A graduate of Waldron High School, Hunt served proudly in the United States Coast Guard. However, home was where his heart was, and Hunt found his way back to Waldron.

That decision is one he doesn’t regret. “My father passed in 2008,” said Hunt. “If I hadn’t moved back here, I would not have had that time with him.”

Hunt recognizes the importance of the close relationship with family. His parents are the late Jerry Hunt and Karen Hunt, both from Waldron. He is a dad to three children, and he and his wife, Kansas have continued to make their home here.

In 2004, Hunt was hired on with the Waldron Police. He found that same family atmosphere within the department. “The love of family, it’s everything,” explained Hunt. “We have that same mentality here in the department. You rely on each other for support, just like family.”

Hunt models the idea, treat others as you want to be treated and tells his officers to do the same. Additionally, working with other departments, and maintaining a relationship within the community. “Everyone needs to be on the same page,” Hunt concluded.

The Police Chief maintains an open door policy and welcomes citizen’s concerns and complaints. You can come by anytime, or call 479-637-3103.

Every other month we will be featuring an officer within the Waldron Police Department and sharing their story!

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