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Feimster Featured in Hometown Highlight


Friend, father, husband and son-Dwayne Feimster has touched the heart and lives of many and through his own heartache continues to care for the ones he loves.

Feimster, a Huntington native, was born September 7, 1964 to parents, Curtis and Emma Feimster. Growing up, his father coached softball teams comprised of his sisters and many other hometown friends. Feimster was a Boy Scout and enjoyed spending time with his grandfather, who lived next door.

He attended Mansfield High School and graduated with the class of 1982. Additionally, Feimster served as an active member on the Huntington Volunteer Fire Department.

In 1995, he married Donna Feimster. Two years later, the couple suffered great, unthinkable loss. Feimster’s father, who had been serving as the Mayor of the City of Huntington, suffered a heart attack and passed away. Shortly after that time, the Feimsters lost their first born child.

Dwayne Feimster

In 1998, the couple had another child, a girl. “My dad was beyond excited,” said daughter, Suzanne Reggans. “He began coaching my sports team and we spent many weekends outside practicing or going to the gym. His love for his family always showed and he worked so hard every day. He’s been a friend to so many and there’s never a dull moment when he’s around.”

A few years later, in 2008, His wife Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. While on several medications, chemo and radiation, Donna Feimster found the strength to continue caring for her family and children. “We lost her in February 2017 and things just haven’t been the same,” said Reggans.

Last year, Feimster once again suffered heartbreak at the loss of his best friend, Jim Cunningham. “The past few years have taken a toll on him, but one thing is for sure, he has a heart of gold. To be honest, his heart is bigger than he is. I’m lucky to call him dad and he’s loved by so many,” Reggans added.

Currently, he is taking care of his mother. “Her declining health can be very stressful for him at times. He does this day in and day out with a smile on his face and never complains about it.”

Dwayne and his mother, Emma Feimster.

Feimster is quite proud of his two daughters, Shariesa Feimster, who is currently a student at UCA, pursuing a speech pathology degree and Reggans, who is the head volleyball coach at Conway Christian High School.

Congratulations to Feimster on being nominated for our Hometown Highlight. If you know of an ordinary citizen who is doing extraordinary things, we want to honor them!

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