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Flag Football Chooses A Better Playing Field


Before yesterday, both Hackett and Mansfield Flag Football programs had only one option to play Flag Football. Either they played an away game every week or not at all. They tried to get other teams to rotate venues last season but were turned down. It didn’t seem fair to the Tigers and the Hornets to have to constantly travel to play games and for only one program to gain all of the financial pie. The programs knew the importance of Flag Football and didn’t want to shut it down. Something had to be done.

So how do you win a game where everything is set for only the other program to succeed? Simple, you start a new game with new players. The Mansfield and Hackett Little League programs have done just that………again. Just like they did by helping create the West Central Football League for Little League Football, Mansfield and Hackett joined forces to create a Flag Football League. After a few months of talking, the Mansfield and Hackett Flag Football programs have teamed up with the Greenwood Boys and Girls Club for their Flag Football games.

Hackett Little League President Dave Slavens said “Flag Football has become a crucial first step in building a successful football program. It helps kids learn a lot of basics of football and give them their first taste of the game. So we knew that we needed to keep Flag Football at high importance and keep it going. This move to team up with Mansfield and the Greenwood Boys and Girls Club not only helps us overall as a program, but it also helps the parents and players by playing close to home.”

Mansfield Little League President Josh Strozier said “It’s hard to sell the idea of Flag Football to players and parents when they have to travel 45 minutes every Saturday to the exact same place. I’m glad to see this move to work with Hackett and the Greenwood Boys and Girls Club. All of the games will be closer and the kids will get to play on their own home field. Flag Football helps give our players a great head start in the fundamentals of football and also gives them an early passion for the game.”

The teams have agreed to play six games where each program will get to host two games this season. They’ll play a split field allowing two games at once. They’re also in talks about letting these youngsters play “Under The Lights” for a game. There are many more things in the works to make the kids’ Flag Football experience AWESOME !!!

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