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Four Steps to Getting Your Home’s True Value When Selling


By Eva Benoit

Selling your home can be a harrowing experience. The process of selling a house can sometimes be tiresome because of all the stages that are required before the deal is actually sealed. But keep in mind that taking these steps is beneficial to you since it will help you realize your home’s fullest value when prospective buyers come to see it. Here are a few things you must do.

Declutter Your Home

When you’ve lived in a particular home for an extended period of time, chances are you’ve collected a lot of belongings. Decluttering the home means that you carefully evaluate the items you own and choose what needs to go stay and what needs to go. Some people are quite ambitious and attempt to declutter the entire property in one day. However, it’s often more beneficial to slow down, take a breath, and take it one step at a time.

When you make the purge room by room, you’re more likely to do a better job of it and get the best possible results. Since most people aredoing this on a budget, use what you have to organize everything; for example, make use of simple things such as baskets, drawer dividers, bookshelves, and shoeboxes, among others.

Depersonalize Your Home

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to style and decor. However, when it comes to selling your home, it’s crucial todepersonalize the space to give prospective buyers an opportunity to see themselves in that space.

Therefore, you have to make the space as neutral as possible. This means some of the furniture, accessories, and artwork need to go. While most people think they have incredible taste in art, it might seem distasteful to others. Pulling down paintings might be painful to you, but it’ll keep you from turning away prospective buyers.

Stage Your Home for Photos and Open Houses

When selling a home, staging is perhaps the most important thing you can do. It helps the client see themselves living there and being comfortable. As such, you need to ensure that the house is showroom-ready before you start inviting anyone for an open house. The 2017 National Association of Realtors survey reported that staging has a strong influence on buyers. When staging, it’s crucial that you get rid of the clutter in the important rooms first.

If you think you don’t have the right furniture, you can always rent pieces to spice up the home. Since photos appear better in well-lit rooms, you should also consider going for a bright look. This means fixing light sources where necessary to give you the best look.

Research Other Homes for Sale

Since you might not be the only one considering selling in the area, visit other listings and see how they stack up against your own. Where you see they have done a better job, take it as inspiration and make it your own. Visiting these houses will also give you ideas on how you can effectively declutter, stage and depersonalize your home for better effect.

You can research available listings to give you a better idea of the price ranges in play so that you can better make your asking price more attractive to buyers. For example, if you look at homes for sale in Greenwood, you’ll see a variety of price points that vary by area. Remember to pay close attention to prices in your specific neighborhood.

When you do these things right, you’ll find that your home will have a much better chance of fetching the right price and not being on the market for extended periods of time. The process doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you have the right stuff, it might not even cost you much. Creating a great first impression will go a long way in helping you make the sale.

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