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Freedom From Religion Foundation Files Complaint Against Mansfield Schools

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By Tammy Moore Teague
The national non profit group of ‘freethinkers,’ Freedom From Religion Foundation, has filed a complaint against the Mansfield School District. The group is challenging the district in an attempt to force them to cease and desist in activities such as prayer at graduation and other school events.
The notice came at the close of the school year, and was presented at the board meeting held June 18. School Superintendent Robert Ross commented saying he is unsure of what course of action, if any, will need to be taken. He did state, however, that he plans to consult with the district’s attorney to see how they should proceed.
The Wisconsin based FFR is comprised of atheists, agnostics and skeptics whose goal is to rally and enforce the separation of church and state.

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  1. I want to form a group for freedom from atheists, agnostics and skeptics. We can call it FFAAS. Our motto will be ‘If you don’t like it, move along’.

  2. mansfield school I pray that mansfield will not give in to such threats and will continue prayer at graduation and sporting events we all have our rights and you have a chose you do not have to participate if youdont want to but don’t try to stop others who want to participate that’s why we have freedom

  3. This is unacceptable. Free of religion has a voice also. Freedom of choice freedom of speach. If some one can’t go with the majority they have the freedom to not participate and to walk away. And why and who are they to attack a small town like Mannsfield??

  4. If you want to live in a country ruled by religion, move to the Middle East. This country was founded a group of visionary individuals, superstitious beliefs were intentionally kept out of government.

  5. I’d love to form a group to contest this complaint! Like others have stated, if you don’t want to participate, don’t! Schools offer sports & if kids don’t want to participate, they don’t! If we want to pray, why should we not be able to? I pray that this entire nation lets God back into our schools & our government. Maybe if we let Him back in, we wouldn’t have school shootings or things of that nature!

  6. I grew up in Mansfield as did my kids and now my grandkids..why would anyone be upset for a coach praying for the safety of the players? These so called Freedom from Religion people need to have their own community and leave everyone else alone..I pray that the coach can continue to do as he has been…How did a Wisconsin based group hear about a small town like Mansfield anyway? Some people have way too much time on their hands..This world needs a whole lot of prayers and I hope the coach continue s to pray with our kids!!!!

  7. I never thought I would actually live to see the day this would be on my door step! I have children that attend this school and I will always teach my children that talking to the father will never be oppressed or forced. We do not infringe on anyone’s rights! I am astonished in the fact that this is written and I am going to experience such a monumental moment in history. A moment that I am sad to experience. A moment that will only increase the faith and strengthen his children! I am praying for victory over this father let our voices be lifted to favor you. In Jesus holy name amen.

  8. I pray that all the people of Mansfield,Huntington and all other community’s that have kids in Mansfield school,stand up and fight this thing,the devil is trying his best to take over any where we will allow him too,Stand and fight for our rights to pray to our God in Heaven,if we don’t soon we will not be able to worship any where,Stand with these kids that love the Lord,help them fight satan NOW,help them keep their rights at school to pray at all sports events and for each other if wanted,all those that don’t want to can stand back and keep quite,,don’t let this one bunch kick God out of our school!!!!Be many and fight for the right!!

  9. Outrageous that a group out of Wisconsin can try to dictated what is done in our schools, our towns and our state!! We have always had prayer in our schools. Please don’t let them win.

  10. I was reported as a troll, our town was called backwards, our faith called a cult , I was called a creep and basically told that what they do is NOT bullying. They are all quite superior and assume that we are all redneck idiots. I was informed I wasn’t educated enough to know what was good for us. Nasty group of people who refuse to have a civil discussion! Blocked them.

  11. They don’t know Mansfield. Tigers from all over unite! Somebody from the area had to make the complaint. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but it can be fought, and if those that run the school board have the guts they will say, “we don’t care, and will do what we want”
    Go Rigers!

  12. American Family Association will take this case on pro- bono ! The news talk radio station is advertising it takes on cases like this . The A.F.R station has won multiple court casses against these people already . Someone should contact them .

  13. It’s called separating of school and state for a reason people, I see all of you saying that if we don’t like it walk away but as a very recent former student that just graduated they don’t let you just “walk away” if you do they have something to say about it and they attempt to give you ridiculous punishments for it. THERE SHOULD BE NO RELIGION IN SCHOOL BECAUSE PEOPLE PLAY FAVORITES. May hurt but you gotta swallow your pride and realise when the majority like everyone that is arguing this complaint is wrong, sorry to be the one to break it to you but not really.

  14. Wow!! I can not believe this well I will be praying that prayer is kept in our school I also grew up in mansfield this is just sickening I’m up for protest or whatever it takes to fight this!!!!

  15. I grew up my whole life at mansfield school i graduated in 2015. I had an option to pray amd be apart on prayer at the pole and to see this being am issue makes me sad. We have the right to say amd do as we please and belive as we want so isnt this against our constitutional rights.

  16. The problem with prayer in school is what prayer and whose God?
    People have constructed a strawman on this issue. No one is telling children to cease praying. Children are allowed to pray before, during, and after school and school events, as long as it is not disruptive. What is not allowed is the use of government-funded facilities and tools (like a public broadcast system) to engage in religious acts of worship to essentially captive audiences. Thus, a teacher cannot lead a class in prayer. A student cannot lead an entire class in prayer during class. Prayers cannot be said over school loudspeakers during school events. All of these cases basically represent GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED prayer, which is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. Otherwise, students are free to pray in school whenever they like, and thus their rights have NOT been taken away, and no one has told them to cease praying.
    If prohibiting Government-enforced prayer is coming between you and your God, I submit that you are a) weak in your faith, and b) proving the point so often stated that Government-sponsored prayer in schools is ABSOLUTELY the making of law respecting religion and in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.

  17. You people act as though this is the first time this sort of case has been filed. There are decades of case law prohibiting school-sponsored prayer. Every single time a school has fought this, they’ve lost. Every. Single. Time.
    The law is clear. No prayer in public schools.

  18. I would suggest we contact our congress and request that this freedom from religion be disband do to the fact they have been misinterpreting this for as long as they have been a group the separation of church and state was implanted so the government could not force us into a particular religion they have twisted its meaning so much that at every turn they take religion away from people these schools are ours not theirs we pay for them they are full of our kids

  19. We need to stand firm and not let them take God out of our school! I remember when I went to school at Mansfield we said the Pledge of allegiance and quoted the Lord’s Prayer every morning. There was a Christian service for the seniors before every graduation. We have our rights too, our freedom of speech. Do not be afraid and stand for what we believe in.

  20. Stand strong Mansfield School District! JESUS went thru worse but He is still our Lord and Savior! Those that don’t believe need to move along. God loves them also but He is in control. Get thee behind Him Satan.

  21. Wow I can’t even with this!!!! I have four children in this school district and this makes me livid!!! Then you wonder why kids go down the wrong path with friends drugs ect…. And God said all will hate you for loving me!!!!! You all need Jesus!!!!

  22. As a community it is up to us to become involved and not rely on one person to represent our values or make a decision on our behalf. That’s a losing proposition. Typically that detours us down the wide road most easily accessed. When you’ve done everything to stand. STAND.

  23. I have a solution. If you don’t want to hear the prayer, bring earplugs! These folks are the minority. I hope Mansfield continues to pray.

  24. No one is forced to pray, therefore NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED NOT TO PRAY. If you don’t pray to The God then walk away or pray to your god! It is really that simple. If an athiest doesn’t BELIEVE there is a God, then why does it bother them so much. If in their mind, God doesn’t exist, then in their mind we believers are praying to the wind? So why waste their time trying to stop something that isnt real, fruitful, or productive? Seems a little contradictory to me!!!

  25. I have a child on Mansfield schools and a son that graduates from Maansfiel Scool and we have been so glad that they have had the opportunity to have teachers and coaches who are Christian. I support them. in this all the way and whatever happens I will be behind them. These troublemaker need to get on their knees because they haven’t a prayer without God.Lets stick together Mansfield and not let them destroy our school, our community and our lives.

  26. The God of Issac,Abraham and Jacob should receive all praise! He is the reason for life and existence as we know. His Son JESUS was sent as a man .. tried by mortals and became the example for all. More democratic pressures won’t change our Schools and those that protest will someday bow to God almighty. My prayers are with this school and may the voices of those that speak truth be heard.

  27. We need to stand firm on the policy that allows our students to worship at school if they so desire. No one is forcing them to..it should be their own choice and no one should decide whether they can or can’t except for them.

  28. They have a right to Pray and do whatever religious activity they wish. The Schools is a Public school there for under the Constitution of the United States they are protected by the first amendment . To take should right would violated there Civil Rights and could lead to Law Sue which the School would lose and have to pay the parities they hurt for doing should acts against them.
    It is amazing how a Public school and say they can’t practice there religion yet other groups can. This would be called Double edge Sword and very unfair Practice shame on them they are educators they should know better.