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From the Mayor’s Desk


By Hartford Mayor Larry Hall

Here we are in May and week number seven of the shutdown and social distancing. But there may be a glimmer of hope for all of us with cabin fever. I will certainly be happy when this quarantine is over and life can start getting back to something that resembles normal. Hopefully the state is going to start letting some businesses reopen soon.

I don’t know how many of you noticed, but the city has started the demolition on a house at 502 E. 2nd Street. The demolition and clean up of the lot will take at least a couple of weeks but progress is being made.

Also the Assemble of Yashua on Broadway Street has informed the city that they intend to demolish the building next to them in the coming month. In the next few weeks the city will also be back at issuing 10 day warnings for clean p in ward 3. We are hopeful that everyone will go ahead and start without having to be told. Also, there will be no more warnings for clean up issued in ward 1 or 2. So please keep your property clean and mowed so the city won’t have to write tickets.

There is also some great news for the citizens of Hartford about our streets. This summer we will be overlaying asphalt on 1st Street/4th Street/Walnut Street/Hartman Street and the section of Pine Street between McCloud and Spradling Streets that is currently gravel. This street resurfacing is really going to help in making our little city beautiful again!

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