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Going Green: How Clean Energy Can Benefit You

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Advancements in technology are growing at a rapid pace. This is especially true of sustainable energy sources, also known as “clean energy.” This energy category includes solar, wind, and hydro energy sources, and it’s currently used creatively in various ways. So, how can going green and embracing clean energy benefit you? Before we get into that, we’ll have to define it. Read on to find out more. 

What Is Clean Energy?

The majority of electricity produced in the United States comes from polluting, dirty, non-renewable sources. Think of oil and various fossil fuels. As it turns out, how we generate electricity is one of the top causes of air pollution in the US, which creates a ton of CO2 emissions and accelerates the effects of climate change. 

However, clean energy is 100 percent pollutant free. Near-endless energy sources, such as wind and sunlight—which can generate a ton of energy for commercial and residential areas, produce it. It also has the opposite issue with pollutants and decreases the effects of climate change. Now that we’ve defined clean energy let’s define two key benefits. 

Environmental Benefits

Clean energy comes from inexhaustible sources—the world consists of 80 percent water, the Sun won’t “go out” for another billion years, and it’ll always be windy. Because of its positive impact on the climate, clean energy protects our environment for future generations. People tend to be short-sighted, but responsibly using clean energy ensures that our children and grandchildren have a fair chance without any environmental issues. Clean energy doesn’t emit harmful pollutants—including nitrogen, sulfuric acids, and carbon dioxides. These pollutants can cause everything from smog to acid rain and even mercury poisoning. This is why going green and using clean energy can benefit you. 

Economic Benefits

A new job sector opens with each solar panel and wind turbine installation alone—both residential and commercial. Employment opportunities in the US have exploded for people adept at installing these machines. Given that these energies are homegrown—though not exclusive to us, you can’t take ownership of wind, water, or sunlight—they will help secure our future energy needs. Finally, clean energy helps develop rural areas, where wind and sun resource potential is prevalent due to ample space. 

Overall, there are many benefits to embracing clean and sustainable energy sources. Since you can use all these sources residentially and commercially, you can do your part to encourage a better climate. We hope you take this opportunity. 

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