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Greenwood City Council Rejects Mask Ordinance


The Greenwood City Council met in a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, July 6.

One matter of business before them, an ordinance which would require masks in the City of Greenwood.

“The City of Greenwood respectfully voted against an ordinance to require mask wearing in Greenwood,” stated Alderman Tim Terry. “We opted that the fine folks of Greenwood would adhere to the state mandates set out by the governor and continue to wear masks where businesses ask them to.”

This comes as Governor Asa Hutchinson announced last week that municipalities have the option of enacting mandatory mask ordinances.

Hutchinson stated that  Executive Order 20-41 “provides a local option for cities to give them more flexibility if they have a community in which they might have a surge in cases. This model ordinance, from the Municipal League, provides a consistency in approach across the state.”

Chairman of the Economic Recovery Task Force Steuart Walton added, “Governor Hutchinson’s balanced approach of giving cities the option to enact mask ordinances where most needed helps us protect the health of Arkansans and ensure the economy can continue to recover.”

This executive order allows for:

Local law enforcement and other city officials to enforce the use of face coverings upon the business’ premises in accordance with public health guidelines.

Local law enforcement and other city officials to act in a support capacity, through enforcement, to educate and encourage members of the public who decline to wear a face covering about the efficacy of wearing such coverings.

Local law enforcement and other city officials to assist in enforcement through education of individuals who decline to comply with the face covering requirement of any local business that the individual must abide by the local business’ mandate or leave the premises.

Municipal League General Counsel John Wilkerson said, “Consistency is incredibly important and that is why this model ordinance says that the city is going to require the usage of masks in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Health.”

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