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Gun Owners of Arkansas President Praises Waldron PD

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Gun Owners of Arkansas President, and Waldron native, Gary Epperson was in attendance at the city council meeting on Tuesday evening, October 12.

According to him, his attendance while bearing arms was an effort to further educate those who are not aware of the current gun laws.

§5-73-122 – Carrying a firearm in publicly owned buildings or facilities:
… to knowingly carry or possess a loaded firearm or other deadly weapon in any publicly owned building or facility or on the State Capitol grounds.

“It was my intent to educate those who are unaware of the law,” shared Epperson. “A person is within the law to carry a firearm in any public building with the knowledge that the firearm is not loaded. That applies to any publicly owned building, facility or on the state capitol grounds.”

Epperson admitted that there is an advantage to carrying a firearm, even if it isn’t loaded, while in possession of a magazine. Noting, that having a gun in the car would prove useless in an emergency situation.

Also in attendance, several officers with the Waldron Police Department. However, Epperson’s armed presence received a non-response from the strong 2A department. “This was not a move to antagonize the police,” shared Epperson. “It was to show that citizens and police can work together for a common goal.”

The president of the statewide gun rights organization went on to add that he appreciates the Waldron Police Department and their Chief, Jeremy Hunt, for supporting citizens’ right to carry a firearm and protect themselves.

“Many in law enforcement and prosecutors are ignorant of the laws that are on the books,” Epperson said. “Yet these are the laws they are trying to enforce. GO-AR is working to educate those in law enforcement as well as prosecutors in hopes of preventing false arrests and thus drawing unwanted, negative attention.

Chief Hunt does not mince words when it comes to his 2A stance. In an interview in February of 2020, he vowed to protect citizens’ Second Amendment rights, stating “we took an oath to uphold the Constitution from day one and we will continue to do that.”

Epperson concluded that GO-AR is appreciative of the law enforcement agencies who have sought education regarding the changes to the laws, noting that there is a lack of guidance from the state.

The organization has hosted educational seminars for departments in Mulberry, Alma, and Hot Springs, as well as citizen forums across the state. Epperson has extended this service to any department or organization. For more information, you can contact him: [email protected].

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