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Hackett Hits Homers To Championship


The semi-final round of Districts was short, sweet, and to the point, as the Hackett Lady Hornets absolutely crushed the Hector Lady Wildcats. In just four innings the Lady Hornets put up an astonishing 16 points on the board to Hectors 1, winning the game.

#21 Sarah White

Hackett has now upgraded to 20-5 on the season and come tomorrow the girls are hoping to add another win to their record. With one level left to face in District, the Lady Hornets are looking to face either Danville or Lavaca in the championship round in Hackett.

#10 Madeline Freeman

Autum Neal scored two hits, two runs, two runners batted in, one steal, and one putout. Audrie Chaney totaled two runs, one hit, one RBI, one steal, and four putouts. Madeline Freeman secured three runs, two hits, and one assist. Jamye Durham netted one run, one hit, and one RBI.

#2 Audrie Chaney

Madi Taylor snagged one run, one hit, two RBI, and two putouts. Sarah White obtained one run, one hit, one RBI, one steal, one assist, and five putouts. Shayla Foster grabbed two runs, two hits, one steal, and one RBI. And definitely on top of her game was Kayla Richardson who dominated with four runs, four hits, two RBI, three steals, one home run, and one assist. Also pitching she threw out 58 pitches to 17 batters striking out 6.

#1 Autum Neal

It was a great night to say the least for the Lady Hornets. The girls are ready to bring home the gold in tomorrows game and prove the naysayers wrong. Yeah, they’re a small team from a small town. But these are the Bad News Hornets for any team that steps up to the plate to face them.

#8 Rachel Widmer

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