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Hackett Holds 2019 Athletic Banquet


On Tuesday, May 14, the Hackett Hornets hosted their 2019 Athletic Banquet for the 2018-2019 sports season. The night was a huge success with 190 awards being earned by Hornet athletes grades 7-12. When it comes to sports, this is one mountain the Hornets don’t have any problem climbing. Between their multiple state appearances and an undefeated jr high team, Hackett proves that great things can come in small packages.

The Hackett Jr High football team surprised everyone by ending their season undefeated 7-0 in conference. Earning All-District was Ethan Slavens, Jesse Esparza, Peyton Hester, Logan Slavens, Eli Harp, Cogan Hester, Cole Ketchum, and Mason Oelke. Honorable Mention All-District was Juan Fajuardo, Tyler Pittman, and Isiah Carter.

Offensive Back of the Year was Peyton Hester. Defensive Back of the Year was Logan Slavens. Offensive Lineman of the Year was Jesse Esparza. Defensive Lineman of the Year was Eli Harp. The Road Grader Award went to Logan Hester. Juan Fajuardo got Mr. Offseason. Mason Oelke got the Hustlin’ Hornet award. And receiving the Got the Job Done Right Award was Cole Ketchum.

The Sr High Hornets finished their football season with a 4-6 record and earned themselves a spot at State. Receiving their 3 year Letterman was Jacob Euston, Brady Hester, Anthony Collins, Nathan Childs, Barrett Locklear, Cooper Shipman, Pacey McBride, Layne Dennis, Tanner Wright, and Mathew Carter. Brady Hester got All-State. All-Conference was Brady Hester, Cooper Shipman, Pacey McBride, and Mathew Carter. Honorable Mention went to Anthony Collins, Weston Winters, and Fischer Shipman. Mr. Offseason was Weston Winters. And Tanner Wright earned Hustlin’ Hornet.

The Hornet Bowling team won big in their seasons’ conference tournament securing their bid to play at State. Making All-State was Pacey McBride, Kayla Richardson, and Tanner Wright. Kade Banning and Rachel Widmer earned All-District. And Chloe Patton was the bowling teams Hustlin’ Hornet participate. Blake Payson made All-Conference and Male Golfer of the Year for the Hornets while Bonnie Harwood took Female Golfer of the Year.

Taking All-District from the Track team was Weston Winters, Jessie Esparza, Cole Ketchum, Peyton Hester, Cogan Hester, Dawyson Clay, Tori Blanton, Rachel Widmer, Abby McBride, and Teonna Best. McKinzy Hamilton received the Hustlin’ Hornet Award.

It was a great learning season for the Jr High boys’ basketball team. They saw what they could accomplish when working together while preparing themselves for the next level. Scoring the Free Throw Award was Jake Fisher. The Rebound Award went to Austin Cowell. Best in Offense and Defense was Cash Oliver. Jesse Esparza got Most Improved. All-Conference Honorable Mention went to Ethan Slavens, Jake Fisher, and Jensin Coggins. Making All-Conference was Jesse Esparza, Austin Cowell, and Cash Oliver. And Jake Fisher and Cogan Hester earned the Hustlin’ Hornets Award.

The Sr High boys’ basketball ended their season nicely with a 7-5 conference record and 12-15 in total season play. Earning the Charge Award was Ty Smith and Jack Terrell. The Rebound Award went to Zach Gragg. Tyler Satterfield and Anthony Collins got the Newcomer Award. Most Improved went to Luke Patterson. Dylan Kats and Avery Hester earned Best Offensive Players. Best Defensive Player went to Brady Hester. Making All-Conference was Brady Hester, Avery Hester, Dylan Kats, and Zach Gragg. Dylan Kats made All-State. Brady Hester was the All-Star Nominee. And Ty Smith snagged the Hustlin’ Hornet Award.

The Boys’ baseball team held an abundance of young talent this year and are going to knock things out of the park next season. After all was said and done, the boys ended their season with a record of 5-10. The All Over Guy Award went to Cash Oliver. Best Batting Average went to Tyler Satterfield. Jacob Steele got the Dedication Award. Best Offense, Best Pitcher, and All-Conference went to Avery Hester. The Newcomer Award went to Mason Oelke and Ethan Slavens. Bradley Martin earned Best Attitude. And Jake Fisher got the Hustlin’ Hornet Award.

After being crowned the champions at Regionals and earning a bid to State, the Lady Hornets Softball team ended with a 24-6 total season record. Making All-District was Kayla Richardson, Madeline Freeman, Audrie Chaney, Sarah White, and Shayla Foster. All-State went to Kayla Richardson. Ms. Golden Glove went to Audrie Chaney. Kayla Richardson earned Ms. RBI, Ms. K, Ms. Homeun, Highest Batting Average, and Most Stolen Bases. The Hustlin’ Hornet award went to Madeline Freeman and Shayla Foster. Madi Taylor earned Most Improved. And Audrie Chaney scored the All-State Tournament Team.

The girls’ basketball teams saw much success across the board this season. From 7th grade, Allysa Torres got Most Improved and Aaliyah Escoffier made MVP. From the Jr High team, Madeline Freeman earned Ms. Free throw, Ms. Block, Ms. Rebound, and All-Conference. Tori Blanton made Ms. Rebound and All-Conference Honorable Mention. Teonna Best scored Ms. Steal, Ms. Assist, and All-Conference. Tara Blanton got Ms, Defense. And the Hustlin’ Hornet Award went to Maysen DuBoise.

Making All-Conference from the Sr High team was Kayla Richardson and Taylor Glass. All-Conference Honorable Mention went to Audrie Chaney who picked up an award for Rebounds as well. Taylor Glass also got an award for Free Throws and Assists. Richardson scored in the category of Free Throws, Steals, and Ms. Defense. Stephanie King picked up an award for Rebounds and Blocks. Brooke Lane got the 3 Pointers Award. Most Dedicated went to Megan Howard and Bonnie Harwood. And Autum Neal scored the Hustlin’ Hornet Award.

Not losing a single match was the 7th-grade volleyball team. Getting an award for Block Leader and Ace Leader was Alona Rothwell. Lexi Gann got Assist Leader. Dig Leader and Kill Leader went to Prairie Vaughn. Most Improved went to Grace Thomas. And Aubree Ruggles got the Hustlin’ Hornet Award.

The Jr High volleyball team had an amazing season. They ended 23-3 and went undefeated in conference and district. Madeline Freeman got an award for Ace Leader, Kill Leader, and Assist Leader. Dig Leaders were Sarah White and Shayla Foster. Block Leaders were Tori Blanton and Kennadi Wright. Making All-Conference was Madeline Freeman, Shayla Foster, Tori Blanton, Kennadi Wright, Sarah White, and Mackenzie Mendenhall. Honorable Mention All-Conference went to Lilly Slavens, Hannah Clark, and Abby McBride. Most Improved went to Kadence Glass. And Mackenzie Mendenhall earned Hustlin’ Hornet.

Ending their season 22-10-1 and making it to the second round of State was the Sr High team. Ace Leader went to Kandace Byrd and Madi Taylor. Serving Points Leader went to Kayla Richardson and Kandace Byrd. Rain Vaughn made Kill Leader. Hitting Percentage Leader went to Jamye Durham. Madi Taylor got Assist Leader. Dig Leader went to Kandace Byrd. And Block Leader went to Audrie Chaney and Jamye Durham. Earning All-State was Chaney, Vaughn, Taylor, and Byrd. Chaney also scored All-State Tournament team and All-Star Selection. All-Conference was Chaney, Vaughn, Taylor, Byrd, Richardson, and Durham. Honorable Mention All-Conference went to Taylor Glass and Anaya Albert. Most Improved was Emma Infalt. Hustlin’ Hornet went to Brooke Holt. And the Volleyball Managers were Faith Thomas and Elise Fox.

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