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HHS Academic Awards


Hackett High School recently held its annual academic awards ceremony.
The following were awarded to these students:

Family and Consumer Sciences (Schmitt)
1) Family and Consumer Science, Autum Neal
2) Child Development and Parenting, Kiersten Elmore
3) Clothing and Textiles, Rain Vaughn
4) Food Safety and Nutrition, Shiloh Anderson
5) Orientation to Teaching II, Emily Silva

Business Education (Mickle)
1) Computerized Business Applications, Alma Klem
2) Computerized Business Applications, Kinlee Null
3) Computerized Business Applications, Stacy Carpenter
4) Web Technologies, Joshua Dunkerson
5) Social Media and Communication, Fermin Cruz

Computer Science (Opolka)
1) UAS-Drones, Dalton Colwell
2) UAS-Drones, Fermin Cruz
3) Computer Science I and II, Briar Goines
4) Computer Science I and II, Hunter Christenberry

Art awards (Wilson)
1) Outstanding Artist, Nika Polyakova
2) Outstanding Artist, Colby Sabatucci

Yearbook (Hester)
1) Outstanding Yearbook Editor, Emily Silva

Creative Writing and Spanish (Lee)
1) Creative Writing I, Andrew Rodriguez
2) Creative Writing I, Chloe Harp
3) Creative Writing II, Saylor Steward
4) Creative Writing II, Avery McClure
5) Creative Writing II, Gabe Hice
6) Creative Writing II, Jacob Garner
7) Spanish I, Shiloh Anderson
8) Spanish I, Jacob Fisher
9) Spanish I, Hannah Clark
10) Spanish I, Alma Klem
11) Spanish I, Rin Zamami
12) Spanish I, Lilly Popken
13) Spanish I, Emily Rodriguez
14) Spanish I, Juan Fajardo
15) Spanish II, Hunter Christenberry
16) Spanish II, Brevan Steifel
17) Spanish II, Nina Bock

English (Gordon)
1) 7th Grade English, Alona Rothwell
2) 7th Grade English, Andrew Rodriguez
3) 7th Grade English Prairie Vaughn
4) 8th Grade English, Gabe Hice
5) 8th Grade English, Lilly Slavens

English (Sangster)
1) English I, Kinlee Null
2) English I, Mason Oelke
3) Oral Communications, Kiersten Elmore
4) Oral Communications, Lauren Moran
5) Journalism, Kobey Stanfill

English and Choir (Sanderson)
1) Choir, Brielle Gehrke
2) Choir, Lexi Phillips
3) 10th Grade English, Colby Sabatucci
4) 10th Grade English, Nina Bock
5) 10th Grade English, Avery Hester
6) Pre-AP 10th Grade English, Alma Klem
7) Pre-AP 10th Grade English, Dylan Jetton
8) 11th Grade English, Fermin Gomez-Cruz
9) 11th Grade English, Wawa Buasa-ard

English (Freeman)
1) AP English Language and Composition, Briar Goines
2) AP English Language and Composition, Torri Sherman

Science award (Hester)
1) 7th Grade Science, Cole Ketchum

Science (Whitsett)
1) 8th Grade Science, Irma Klem
2) 8th Grade Science, Luke Carpenter
3) 8th Grade Science, Avery McClure
4) 8th Grade Science, Lilly Slavens
5) 8th Grade Science, Piper Dugan
6) 8th Grade Science, Tyler Pitman

Science (Stone)
1) Physical Science, Maysen Duboise
2) Pre AP Physical Science, Mason Oelke
3) Biology, Nina Bock

Science (Sheets)
1) Pre AP Biology, Madi Taylor
2) Pre AP Biology, Sarah Moss
3) Pre AP Biology, Dylan Jetton
4) Pre AP Biology, Brooke Holt
5) Chemistry, Ashton Efurd
6) Chemistry, Nina Bock
7) Chemistry, Ingrid Fosen
8) Chemistry, Fermin Cruz Gomez
9) Chemistry, Rin Zamami
10) Physics, Thitaporn “Yu Yue” Jakdejchai

Math (Thornburg)
1) 7th Grade Math, Cole Ketchum
2) 7th Grade Math, Andrew Rodriguez
3) 7th Grade Math, Prairie Vaughn
4) 8th Grade Math, Kyleigh Hill
5) 8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Mackenzie Mendenhall
6) 8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Piper Dugan
7) 8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Lilly Slavens
8) 8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Gabe Hice

Math (Foster)
1) Algebra I, Josh Dunkerson
2) Algebra I, Juan Fajardo
3) Algebra I, Lily Popken
4) Algebra I, Lilly Connally
5) Algebra I, Kinlee Null
6) Algebra I, Lauren Moran
7) Algebra I, Mason Oelke

Math (Cooper)
1) Bridge to Algebra II, Jacob Steel
2) Geometry, Dylan Jetton
3) Geometry, Kiersten Elmore
4) Algebra II, Skylar Cumbie
5) Algebra II, Sydney Widmer
6) Algebra II, Anne Neal
7) Pre-AP Algebra II, Nina Bock
8) Pre-AP Algebra II, Brooke Holt

Math (Pierce)
1) Geometry, Brooke Holt
2) Geometry, Madi Taylor
3) Pre-Calculus, Brevan Stiefel
4) Pre-Calculus, Fermin Cruz Gomez
5) Pre-Calculus, Ingrid Fosen
6) Pre-Calculus, Rin Zamami

Social Studies (Richardson)
1) 8th Grade History, Presley Cumbie
2) 8th Grade History, Carolyn Dugan
3) 8th Grade History, Kaylin Nickell
4) 8th Grade History, Gabe Hice

Social Studies and Cadet Core awards (Woodhull)
1) Cadet Core Outstanding Leadership, Ashley Jean Van Deventer
2) 7th grade Geography, Andrew Rodriguez
3) World History, Lauren Moran

Social Studies (Clark)
1) World History, Stacy Carpenter
2) World History, Rhianna McBride
3) World History, Alma Klem
4) U.S. History, Nina Bock
5) U.S. History, Sophie Hyldahl
6) AP U.S. History, Briar Goines
7) AP U.S. History, Brevan Stiefel

Perfect Attendance and Citizenship awards
1) A student had perfect attendance for the entire school year, which is outstanding and a really impressive level of commitment. This student will receive a certificate and a commemorative coin. The student with perfect attendance is Kinlee Null.
2) The Citizenship awards are voted on by our teachers and awarded to a junior high boy and girl and a senior high boy and girl that best represent the ideal behavior of our students here at Hackett High School.
Junior High Girl Citizenship Award, Presley Cumbie
Junior High Boy Citizenship Award, Gabe Hice
Senior High Girl Citizenship Award, Torri Sherman
The senior high boy award winner was a senior, so he was recognized last week. But, I will also recognize him today even though he won’t be in attendance.
Senior High Boy Citizenship Award, Aaron Silva

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