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High Winds Tackle Tree At Mansfield City Lake


Wednesday, July 10 saw a pop up shower do it’s damage in a short amount of time. In less than an hour, strong winds amongst a pounding rain storm brought down a large tree at Mansfield’s City Lake Park.

Extreme levels of rain throughout the spring and early summer no doubt softened the soil around a large tree near the children’s play area at the park. The doughy dirt base around the massive tree trunk was no match for the straight line winds that preceded the hour long Wednesday late afternoon rain storm.

Falling from east to west, the tree now lays across the bridge leading to the children’s playground equipment. The top of the tree’s leaves now dangle awkwardly over the nearest teeter totter. The tree’s underground roots are eerily exposed to a lake side view.

Local clean up crews will no doubt be summoned to the rescue as additional areas around town will be accessed for damage.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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