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Hope Center Committed to Making Positive Impact in Community

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In a follow-up to a story we brought you last week – Hope Center to Provide Services in Scott County

Plans for the Reverand Mike Jordan Scott County Hope Center continue as owners Konnor McKay and Kurtis Bell meet with local officials to discuss their goals for the ministry.

McKay issued the following statement regarding plans for the center:

“The Scott County Hope Center, A multi-denominational faith-based ministry designed to minister to people in all walks of life. Anyone suffering with any type of addiction, difficulties in personal relationships, and any of life’s obstacles that have created hardships. This is an Outreach centered around Jesus and his biblical approach to every aspect of the human condition. The Scott County Hope Center is about Hope through Jesus.”

PLAN: – provide a place for spiritual encouragement; and recovery meetings. – provide a place for people to find a hot meal. (Short term; weekly) (long-term, multiple times weekly.) – provide transportation to AND from meetings/functions. – a place to share testimonials that there IS HOPE in addiction, depression, anxiety etc. – provide a place where people can feel supported, and loved. ⁃ Biblical teaching to give hope to all participants.

RESOURCES: – support/volunteer help from community members. This includes volunteers to transport people to and from meetings, cook, serve, renovate, and upkeep facilities. – transportation: (15-passenger van) Transportation for those who cannot drive to meetings. – funds. (This would be acquired through community giving, and fundraisers.) – people with knowledge and connections to find placement for those who need it. (This would mean helping people find placement, outside of our county that serves as rehabs like Teen Challenge, harbor house, changing hope.)

Timeframe: – we will NOT open the Hope Center until we have ALL resources, volunteers, and requirements needed to run an organized, successful ministry. – renovations are taking place right now to the hope center that will need to be completed prior to opening.

McKay added, “Our vision and heart for the Hope Center is to unite as a community, to provide support where it is desperately needed. Without the support of our wonderful community, Waldron Arkansas, this won’t be possible. We are more than willing to work with civic leaders and community members to alleviate any concerns, or obstacles that there may be. We are being diligent, dedicated, and transparent to do whatever it takes to ensure the hope center is organized, facilitated properly, and in conjunction with the values of our community. We believe The Hope Center will make a positive impact to the community. Furthermore; we believe to see a decrease in crime, and substance abuse; while empowering people to become effective and productive members of society. We believe we have the KEY to what people need, and what people are searching for. His name is Jesus, and he has a 100% success rate. Let’s do this together, a united community, working TODAY, for a better TOMORROW!”

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