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Hornets Trying To Find Wings


One thing is for certain. You’d be hard pressed to find a more humbled group of young men. The 2-5 Hackett Hornets might still be trying to find their rythym but when they do. Look out. Facing each other for the second time this season were the Hornets and the Hector Wildcats. Losing a close 3-2 battle in their first meeting, Hackett fell short last night by only three runs taking a 7-4 loss.

#15 Brady Hester

Running for a cause with four runs total were Avery Hester, Brady Hester, Jake Fisher, and Tyler Satterfield. With more hits than the Beatles were Avery with one hit and two batted in runners, Jake Fisher and Bradley Martin with one hit each and freshman Ethan Slavens with one hit and two runners batted in.

#20 Ethan Slavens

Causing damage and leaving wreckage in the field was Ethan with seven putouts and one assist. Jake and Tyler with four and one putouts respectivley. Layne Dennis with two putouts. Freshman Mason Oelke with five putouts and one assist. Freshman Cash Oliver with two assist. And Avery and Bradley with a combined two putouts and three assist.

#5 Tyler Satterfield and #00 Cash Oliver

Pitching for the Hornets in last nights game was Avery Hester and Ethan Slavens. Avery threw out 101 pitches to 28 batters striking out 5 and Ethan hurled out 22 pitches to six batters. Hackett will face Greenland away on Monday, April 1 for a non-conference match-up at 4:30 p.m.

#2 Mason Oelke
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