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Hornets Turn Emotions Into Physicality vs Dragons


In what could be described as a highly energetic and fierce battle to the finish line, the Hackett Sr High Hornets took to the field against the Mountainburg Dragons in Friday nights game to not only take home the win but to prove a point while doing it. That not only could they pull out all the stops when backed into a corner but that they would do it as a team leaving no man left behind. That no matter how much adversity the Hornets were faced with, at any given moment, any and every player could step up and be what their team needed, to get the job done. And that’s just what they did.

After highjacking the win from Mountainburg 46-32, Hackett secured their third straight victory upgrading their total season record to 6-2. The Hornets now have a 2-1 conference record and hold the head to head tiebreaker with the Dragons in conference play. With all but six points being made in the first half of the game, it was obvious that both teams were out for blood.

The Hornets defense stayed on fire all night keeping the Dragons offense from running up the points on the scoreboard. Peyton Hester and Weston Winters earned six solo tackles and one sack each with Hester also grabbing four assisted tackles and one recovered onside kick while Winters netted two assisted tackles and one interception.

Fischer Shipman stopped the Dragons running game by doling out five solo tackles and four assisted. Ty Smith was unstoppable for the Hornets with five solo tackles, four assisted, one sack, and one tackle for a loss. Jesse Esparaza was like a thief in the night stealing two solo tackles, one assisted, and one sack. Briar Goines delivered the pain to the Dragons with four solo tackles and two assisted. And Ethan “Superman” Slavens was all over the field distributing three solo tackles and three assisted tackles to the Mountainburg offense.

Proving that the Dragons defense was no match for Hacketts out of this world offense, Avery Hester had 17 rushes for 145 yards and three TDs. Hester also completed seven passes for an incredible 207 yards. Winters channeled some MC Hammer with his “You Can’t Touch This” sweet moves foot game with 37 rushes for 133 yards and three touchdowns. Peyton Hester had two huge receptions for 97 yards which is a 48.5 yard per catch average. Cogan Hester set the field ablaze with his three receptions for 53 yards. And Shipman stayed airborne with two receptions for 58 yards.

The Hornets are preparing for their next conference game on November 1st against the 1-3 Lavaca Golden Arrows at home starting at 7 p.m. Last season when these two teams faced off, the Hornets stuffed the Arrows with a final score of 22-0.

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