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Hornets Wrangle The Rattlers


In a much needed and much deserved 6-5 win Monday night, the Hackett Hornets stepped up to the plate and bagged themselves some Rattlers. Facing off against Magazine, Hackett took the game to the top of the eighth inning before getting their victory. This win upgrades the Hornets to 3-9 in total play and 1-4 in conference.

#2 Mason Oelke

Helping to fly the Hornets to glory was Avery Hester with two runs and Cash Oliver, Jake Fisher, Ty Smith, and Tyler Satterfield with one run each. With more hits than the mob was Cash with two, Avery with one and one steal, Ethan with two and two runners batted in, Jake with one, one RBI and one steal, Ty with two and one RBI, Tyler with one, one RBI and two steals, and Mason Oelke with one and one RBI.

#1 Jake Fisher

Acquiring one putout and two assists was Cash Oliver. Avery Hester picked up one putout and four assists. Bradley Martin obtained two putouts and two assists. Jake Fisher made one putout. Ty Smith scored nine putouts. Mason Oelke netted four putouts. And Ethan Slavens reaped three putouts and one assist.

#4 Avery Hester

Pitching for the Hornets was Ethan Slavens and Tyler Satterfield. Ethan threw out 33 pitches to 13 batters and Tyler hurled out 66 pitches to 18 batters striking out five. Up next for the Hackett Hornets are the 3-6 Mountainburg Dragons on Thursday, April 18 at 4 p.m. Hackett is looking for a repeat of the last time the two teams faced each other when the Hornets secured a 5-3 win.

#00 Cash Oliver
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