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How To Buy Quality Wood Furniture for Your Home


Wood furniture is a timeless classic that fits well in nearly any home. Whether you’re furnishing your first apartment or finally replacing some pieces you’ve carried with you for years, you’d be well advised to consider adding a quality piece of wood furniture to your collection. Learn how to buy quality wood furniture for your home in this article.

Know Your Wood

The first thing to know when shopping for wood furniture is that there are a variety of wood types out there, and the type of wood you choose will factor into the quality of the piece. The three main types of wood are solid wood, veneer, and particle board.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is made completely of natural wood and is the most durable, highest quality option. For this reason, it’s also the most expensive type.


Veneer, sometimes called engineered wood, is made of a cheaper, manmade wood covered in a high quality upper layer of real wood veneer. Veneer wood has the appearance of solid wood but is less expensive due to its cheaper inner composition.

Particle Board

Particle board is made of small particles of wood and resin, sometimes coated in veneer, and is the cheapest option one could get. Because it is the lowest quality, it doesn’t last for more than a few years.

In addition to deciding on a type of wood, you will also need to consider the type of tree from which the wood is made since this will further determine the appearance and durability of the piece.

Examine the Construction

Next, examine the construction of the piece. Always check the joints of the furniture—are the separate pieces held together flimsily with glue or staples, or with a sturdy joint such as a dovetail joint? Check any hardware, like screws, that hold the wood together, and ensure their quality. Doing so will help you ensure that the piece will last for a long time.

Consider the Finish

While examining the construction, you should also examine the finish. Check that the furniture has been properly sanded and that the finish is complete, smooth, and expertly applied. The finish both impacts the appearance of the piece and how well it’s protected, so it’s important to consider. One furniture buying mistake that people often make is forgetting to consider how well a piece will fit with the style of their home. So, be sure to consider how the finish of the piece will fit with other pieces in your home.

Knowing how to buy quality wood furniture for your home will help you to invest in beautiful, sturdy, long lasting furniture that won’t need to be replaced down the line. Plus, quality wood furniture is widely available if you know where to look! Get started on your search for the perfect wood piece by checking out local thrift shops, estate sales, or furniture shops.

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