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How To Create a Home Fire Evacuation Plan


Everyone feels safest at home, and no one expects anything bad to happen. But this is the real world, and tragedy can strike at any time. Better regulations and home inspections make homes safer and house fires a rare occurrence. House fires will lead to destruction of personal property and many long-term health risks, including death. It never hurts to be prepared, though. Learn how to create a home fire evacuation plan so you can escape to safety.

Plan for Everyone

Consider the needs of everyone in the house, especially those of children and the elderly. Children don’t always wake up in an emergency, no matter how loud the smoke alarm or your voice might be. Designate someone to make sure the kids or grandparents are awake, aware, and accounted for in an emergency.

Know the Exits

Every home has more than one door in and out of it. Everyone that lives in the house should know where the doors are. In the event of a fire, certain doors might be inaccessible and engulfed in flames. Go into every room in the house and identify two ways out of it. For rooms on the second floor, it might be necessary to escape out of the window.

Involve Everyone in the Planning

It’s important to include everyone when creating a home evacuation plan, especially the children. Make it a fun family activity so that everyone knows what to do and has input. The kids know their rooms well and might have insight you don’t regarding it. Draw a map of the house and let the kids draw lines from their room to potential exits. This way, they will be a part of the plan and know it well.

Have a Meet-Up Spot

During a fire, there will be lots of confusion and adrenaline, and people can sometimes get lost. Set two meeting spots outside of the house, a safe distance away. The first can be a neighbor’s house across the street that is familiar. If that is unsafe, then have a backup spot further away. As part of the planning, make sure everyone knows to meet there so a headcount can be done.

Practice Evacuating

Practice makes perfect. Practice the fire evacuation plan at least once a year so everyone knows what to do. Practicing will keep the plan fresh in everyone’s mind and reflect any necessary updates. New additions to the house could make it necessary to tweak the plan or meet-up place.

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