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How To Guard Your Home From Storm Damage


Your house protects you and your family from the harsh elements outside. However, it can also experience damage of its own, which may cost you a significant amount of money and time to repair. Learn how to guard your home from storm damage by paying attention to the aspects that are most vulnerable.

Maintain the Roof

The roof takes the brunt of the force when bad weather comes, so it makes sense to check its condition periodically. Sections in which shingles have become dislodged or have fallen out altogether are weak points where the roof can deteriorate over time and let in water. You should fix those areas with new replacement shingles to prevent this from happening. Strong winds can also sweep up loose shingles and blow them onto other parts of the house, causing additional damage. Remove them before this can occur.

Protect Windows and Doors

Windows and doors create openings in your home’s solid walls. Therefore, taking measures to sufficiently protect these areas is a crucial element of how to guard your home from storm damage. You can install storm shutters to serve as an additional layer of protection against the outdoors. Adding weather stripping around your doors and windows can seal them better against water and the transfer of heat. If you want to go further than this, you can replace your current windows and sliding glass doors with impact-resistant windows and doors. These have special glass that will not shatter even when hit with heavy and hard objects at high velocities.

Secure Loose Yard Objects

Along the same line of logic that you use with loose shingles, you should also secure or eliminate objects in your yard that could fly around dangerously during a storm. If you have tools, appliances, or landscaping décor that fits this description, you may want to bring them inside when you are expecting bad weather. You could also set aside storage space for them to return to after every use so that your yard is always ready to take on winds and precipitation. When you have a fence, you should also inspect it for any broken or wobbling pieces that may completely dislodge themselves with enough force. Furthermore, tree branches can become harmful projectiles that can hit your home. Pruning trees on your property should reduce the chance of large branches causing destruction to your home.

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