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How To Have a Fun Summer Staycation With the Family

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Summer doesn’t have to mean having a lavish getaway somewhere tropical. Instead, it could mean days spent having a fun board game tournament that lasts the entire summer or renovating a section of your home. No matter what the experience is, try and do it at home. Spend this summer with your family by having a staycation.

Renovate a Space in Your Home

While your kids are off doing their thing for part of the day, you can start dabbling in the house reno projects you’ve been dying to do since the new year. Instead of doing anything too time-consuming, try painting.

There are still ways to apply Pantone’s color of the year to your walls, especially to liven up a bedroom or an office space. Start by finding the room you want to revamp, and then find things that help balance the color, like a neutral-colored desk or a new comforter set.

Check Out Local Donut and Coffeeshops

You don’t need to travel far to check out the hottest donut and coffee shops. Instead, open your favorite review app or website and scour the lists of top donuts and coffee shops near you. Some might be a bit further away, but it can also mean a fun mini road trip with the family.

Make a list of five places to visit each week, and make the excursion early in the morning. Additionally, check if the menus have alternatives, such as dairy products, gluten, vegan, etc. This information will make the adventure more fun for everyone.

Hold Board Game Tournaments

Sitting indoors with nothing to do can be a bummer. Mix things up a little with a board game tournament—from Monopoly to Risk, board games make each day fun. Create fun prizes, too, such as the winner choosing dessert or getting to pick a restaurant.

Camp Outside

Venturing outdoors can seem scary to many, especially kids. If your children aren’t ready for summer camp, try camping in your backyard. Pitch a tent, grab bug spray, a sleeping bag, and your favorite chocolate for s’mores.

Make camping a few feet away more fun with a campfire, ghost stories, night games, and songs. These activities will make camping outside fun and get the kids ready to attend sleep-away camp next year.

Explore Fun Tourist Sites

Find out your state’s most fun places that tourists love to venture to! You can’t say you’re from a place without acting like a tourist in your town.

Do what the tourists do and explore your neighborhood, city, or state. Better yet, go one state over and spend the day exploring the town’s culture and history.

Summer can be more fun when no one’s sitting around all day. Summer staycations are fun for the entire family. Gather your favorites from this list and create a stay-at-home itinerary to make this summer vacation the most fun ever.

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