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How To Keep Your Small Pets Safe Around the House

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Small cat and dog breeds and other little pets like guinea pigs and rabbits are adorable, lovable companions for single homeowners, couples, and families alike. That being said, there are many normal household items and areas that pose a major threat to your tiny companions. Don’t worry, this guide will inform you of how to keep your small pets safe around the house at all times.

Cover Up Any Holes or Openings Around the Property

This topic covers a wide range of areas in which small pets can crawl into. For example, small pets can hop into or crawl behind washers/dryers without the owner noticing. Pets can also trap themselves behind other appliances like A/C units and refrigerators. Take the time to ensure these areas are inaccessible so your pets will remain out of harm’s way. As a precaution, double-check washer/dryer units before starting them.

You should also keep toilet lids closed around the home. It’s harmful for pets to both drink the contents inside the bowl and fall into it entirely, so keep those lids closed at all times.

However, the danger isn’t just inside the house; it’s outside too. If you have window wells on your property, pets can fall inside and hurt themselves. That’s why residential homes with window wells need durable, polycarbonate covers for protection. Once you find a window well cover that meets your requirements, you can easily install and use it to keep your pets from trapping themselves inside.

Keep Hazardous Materials in Places Pets Can’t Access

Certain companion animals like to chew more than others, and sometimes on unsafe materials around the house. Common choking hazards for small pets include buttons, small toys, food/candy wrappers, thread, zippers, batteries, and jewelry. Keep small objects like these and more in an inaccessible area high off the ground or behind a secure door your pet can’t get through.

Use the same principle for potentially dangerous household items like plants, chemicals, and food. Chemicals seem obvious, but everyday household plants and food items can also cause illnesses or even death. Not all plants are dangerous to pets, so you can certainly keep them around the house. Just be sure to do the proper research ahead of time to avoid buying a plant that may harm curious (and hungry) pets.

Keep Them Away From Electrical Wires/Cords Too

Speaking of chewing, the last thing you want to do is allow your cat or dog to chew through an electrical cord and hurt themselves. This step is particularly tough because it isn’t always so easy to keep electrical cords out of your pet’s reach. Cats, for instance, usually reach high places with ease. If this is the case in your household, safely cover the wires/cords so pets can’t get access to them.

Knowing how to keep your small pets safe around the house is important because, as you can see, many common items pose a major threat to little critters. Making these changes might seem stressful at first, but once you begin implementing them in your household, you’ll see how easy and beneficial they can be.

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