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How To Organize the Garage: Items To Keep and Throw Away

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Cleaning out the garage is the next phase in your home organization process. Right now, you’re wondering how to organize the garage and deciding what items to keep and toss. It can be difficult, but this guide will help determine what things to keep and what items to toss.

The Keep Pile

This pile will consist of items you’re looking to hold onto and don’t need to part with yet. This pile will typically consist of items in good shape, things your kids have not grown out of yet, and items you plan to give away eventually, but that still have some use left.

Hold Onto Outdoor Toys and Furniture

If your children haven’t grown out of their outdoor toys, you should hold onto them. Outdoor toys like bicycles, pool toys, basketballs, and other things similar to them can afford to be saved. For furniture pieces, consider holding onto cushions for patio furniture. That way, you’ll have something to sit on in the warm months. If any cushions are ripped and you cannot repair them, toss them out and replace them.

Organize Car Supplies

There’s a chance that you own a car, and so it’s a good idea to organize all car supplies that you have hidden away in your garage. Grab a few storage bins to help organize car supplies that are almost gone or haven’t been used. This way, your car will have the right supplies when needed.

Hardly Used Items

We know that hoarding is not a good trait, but if you do have a designated donation pile, tuck it away somewhere safe, like an attic or a closet. That’ll help clear out clutter and make more room for necessities in your garage.

The Throw Away Pile

This pile will consist of items you no longer have an attachment to, no longer need, or are broken. This will also consist of things that are hardly used by anyone in your family.

Toss Empty Cardboard

It’s great to have boxes for extra storage, but if they lie around empty, there’s no point in holding on to them. Do the right thing by throwing them out or repurposing them. You can do a lot with cardboard, including lining the bottom of bird cages or your garden.

Get Rid of Broken Tools

That broken screwdriver you’ve been holding on to needs to go. Any tools that are broken in your garage should be fixed or thrown out. Replace any essential tools with brand new models.

Throw Away Expired Chemicals

Expired chemicals may come in the form of detergent, soap, and other cleaners. If you don’t dispose of them, expired chemicals can build up and create an unsafe environment. Contact a local waste management company to better assist in disposing of your expired chemicals.

When figuring how to clean the garage and what items to keep and toss, consider additional ways to straighten your garage better. By doing this, you are saving yourself more time and patience when it comes time to clean your garage again in the future.

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