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How To Prepare Your Family for a Tornado

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Tornados aren’t common in all areas. But if you live in Tornado Alley, chances are you frequently experience storms with the potential for tornados, especially in the spring and summer. For reference, Tornado Alley starts in the southern plain region and stretches up through the Midwest of America. If you live in tornado-prone areas, it’s necessary to take precautionary steps to stay safe. Here’s how to prepare your family for a tornado.

Build an Emergency Kit

Building an emergency kit is essential in any natural disaster. You want to ensure that you have the necessary tools and supplies in the event of an emergency, accident, or injury. There are several helpful tips for building an emergency kit on a budget. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on your supplies, but you should make sure you have the essentials. You should include things like bandages, gauze, medical tape, scissors, antibacterial ointment, flashlights, batteries, and a radio.

Create a Safety Plan

Another way to prepare your family for a tornado is by creating a safety plan. Having a plan ensures that you and your family will know what to do if a tornado occurs in your area. Your plan can include things like what to do, what to grab, and where to go during and after a tornado. It’s helpful to write this plan down so you can reread it if you ever need to.

Determine a Shelter

Determining a shelter is another important preparation tip for tornados. A safe shelter is one of the most important elements of preparing your family for this type of natural disaster. Tornadoes cause a lot of damage and destruction, so it’s necessary to find a safe place to go during one of these storms. When choosing your shelter, avoid upper floors and rooms with windows. You should always stay on the ground level of your home if possible. Basements are also a fantastic choice if that option is available.

Practice Tornado Drills

It’s also beneficial to practice tornado drills. At-home drills are a great way to prepare your family for emergencies, especially fires and tornados. Run through your tornado safety plan with your loved ones at home and practice what you would do in the event of a tornado. Make sure everyone knows where the emergency kit and the designated shelter are, and practice hiding in the shelter together. Going through these drills will help you to prepare and work out any kinks in your plan so you can make it more effective.

Now that you have some essential safety tips for preparing your family for a tornado, you can utilize these strategies in your home today. Make sure everyone you live with knows what to do in these situations so you can keep your family safe and secure during emergencies and natural disasters.

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