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How To Prevent Mildew on Outdoor Cushions

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There’s nothing worse than going to relax on your patio, only to plop down on a gross, mildewy cushion. Outdoor cushions are prone to developing mold and mildew because they’re frequently exposed to moisture from rain and humidity. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent mildew on outdoor cushions and keep them neat and sanitary.

Choose a Water-Resistant Material

Prevention starts with choosing the right material for your outdoor cushions. Not all materials are equal; some are more resistant than others. Acrylic and polyester are both fantastic materials for outdoor cushions because they’re waterproof, weatherproof, and just generally durable. Avoid using thinner, porous textiles like silk or velvet.

Use Spray-On Seals

Did you know that you can waterproof your fabrics with a quick spritz? At most large department stores and marine stores, you can find waterproofing spray, which fills fabric pores with a water-repellent material like silicone. You should apply two even coats to all your cushions. The effects of these products can last up to four weeks, so you only need to treat your cushions once a month.

Routinely Clean Them

The final way to prevent mildew on outdoor cushions is to clean them when they’re wet or dirty. At least once a week, go outside and inspect your cushions for any signs of soiling. If you notice any stains on your cushions, clean them immediately following the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you notice your cushions are wet, take them out of the damp environment and bring them somewhere cool and dry. Even better, if you’re expecting rain or excessive humidity, bring your cushions inside before the bad weather starts.

Mildewy cushions are no fun, but fortunately, preventing this icky green mold is simple. So long as you choose a durable, waterproof material for your cushions and are diligent with maintenance, you can keep it at bay.

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