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How To Turn a Space Into a Temporary Guest Room

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The big end-of-the-year holidays are coming, and that means so are some of your relatives or close family friends. If they don’t live nearby, they’ll need a place to stay. We’re sure you don’t want them to get a hotel room for the night just to visit you. Lucky for you, you’ve come across our article on how to turn a space into a temporary guest room. With these tips, your guests can stay with you and save some money.

Make Sure There’s Some Privacy

Privacy is the most important part of sleeping comfortably in someone else’s house. We doubt your guests will be doing much that will require seclusion from others while they’re asleep, but no one wants others to have to tip-toe around them in the morning. That means living rooms are pretty much off-limits. It doesn’t matter how comfy your couch is—no one is going to feel comfortable sleeping on it for the next few nights.

Give Them Something Suitable To Sleep On

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to have a bed dedicated to guests when you have limited space. Most homes will need to use a spare room for an office, den, or storage area. Fortunately, most of these can transform into a bedroom with relative ease.

Putting a futon in your home office is natural and doesn’t look out of place. Sure, they’re not the most comfortable, but there are quite a few things you can do to make them comfier. Buying a couch with a hideaway bed or installing a daybed are both feasible options for your den. While there’s no natural solution for a storage room, you can place a folding cot with a mattress in any of these three rooms for a quick sleeping solution.

Give Them Easy Access to a Bathroom

The final thing you’ll want to do when figuring out how to turn a space into a temporary guest room is to ensure that a bathroom will be nearby for them to use. It’s never a great idea to ask your guests what their bathroom schedule is like, so giving them easy access is the best way to provide them with what they need without having to know the details of it.

As long as you follow these three guidelines, you should be able to make your guests comfortable enough to stay with you anytime they’re in town to visit.

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