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How Western Wear Has Gone Mainstream

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In the last few years, western attire has become all the rage as it slides into mainstream fashion trends. Some have begun pairing their best cowboy boots with dresses, while others love sporting a good flannel. Western fashion is stylish, indeed—but what led to this evolution? Discover how western wear has gone mainstream and started influencing fashionistas of all ages!

It’s Practical

The practicality and comfort of western attire have popularized it amongst all age groups. Running around in it is easy, since people originally wore the clothing to get chores done around the farm or house. It doesn’t constrict you like other clothing might. Western attire is popular because you can get the day’s tasks done with convenience, and look great while doing so!

Its practicality also comes into play as you plan your outfits—you can get a few wears out of a pair of jeans before throwing them in the wash. So, if you have a busy lifestyle, western outfits make planning easier.

It’s Fashionable

It isn’t just practical; western wear is stylish and appealing to many people because of its versatility. You can pair your best cowboy boots with a sundress, or sport some denim and flannel! Your options are open and allow for some creativity.

As you look into how wester wear has gone mainstream, you’ll find one reason ties back to minimalism. Unlike many fashion trends, western attire doesn’t require over-accessorizing—it’s usually simple. But its simplicity is what makes it perfect.

How To Wear Western Attire

Country singers and pop culture trends have added to the popularity of this fashion style. They’ve also given us various ideas on how to dress country. If you’re looking to follow this mainstream fashion trend, then start buying the right clothing! Some key pieces you’ll need include:

  • A suede jacket
  • A denim or flannel shirt
  • Cowboy boots
  • A tooled leather belt

Remember to use contrast to your advantage when you pick out accessories. For instance, a turquoise neckerchief pairs perfectly with white denim. Whether you’re wearing your best bell-bottoms or cowboy hat, you can do so knowing western wear is now considered mainstream fashion!

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