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Hustle And Heart Set Them Apart


When talking about Little League teams, you’ll be hard pressed to find one with more heart than the fifth and sixth grade Mansfield 2 Tigers. You would never know that they are sitting at a 0-5 play record by how much energy and focus they bring to the court in every game.

#84 Jacob Elmore

The Tigers go into every match with a winning attitude because although winning isn’t everything, wanting it is. Mansfield 2 is coached by Jordan Martin and holds a team roster of 7. It includes Bryson Elmore, Joseph Carter, Jonah Martin, Joey Fildes, Gunner Williams, Jacob Elmore, and Aaron Person.

#20 Gunner Williams and #84 Jacob Elmore

The fifth and sixth grade Tigers went up against a very well coached and talented Hackett team on Saturday. Both teams brought to the court plenty of speed and determination. Unfortunately, the Hornets ended up flying away with 42 points while the Tigers brought in 6.

#2 Joseph Carter and #20 Gunner Williams

Scoring for their team with two points a piece were Joseph Carter, Jonah Martin, and Gunner Williams.

#12 Bryson Elmore and #84 Jacob Elmore

The fifth and sixth grade boys from Mansfield 2, will head to the Hornets hive on Saturday, February 9th to take on the Hackett 2 team at 1 p.m.

#24 Joey Fildes
Mansfield 2
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