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“I love you, Mansfield”


EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to recent actions, it is my intent to pose questions, that need answered, and for publicly held positions to be challenged. However, it is not my intent to take a stance on right/wrong, without knowing the facts. The sole intent of this article is to encourage you, the citizens, the voting public to look straight into the eye of the problem(s), and understand that if you’re passionate about the future of our beloved town, then it’s time to do something that makes a lasting difference. – Jason Baggett, December 14, 2017

Original article, previously drafted on September 2, 2017

It has been my focus of providing high quality, and community based information through Resident Press, and to not let personal feelings, or perspectives change the landscape of our content, and to never let politics into the mix.
However, questions must be asked, and questions need to be answered.
Growing up in this town, I never wanted to leave. I love it’s people, the smallness, its personal touch, and the memories I have here. My parents called it home, and so shall I. It’s a decision I’ve made with a deep sense of pride, and I stand behind it.
I’ve been asked, and asked, AND ASKED about our current situation in City Hall, and this is my response. What are YOU doing to solve the current problems? Use your voice, and speak out!”
After serving on the Mansfield School Board for a complete term, I understand the fullness, and value of peoples opinions in regards to their families, livelihoods, security, and our future as a community. I get it, even though I live outside the city limits and my vote doesn’t count.
The City of Mansfield is currently at a pivotal point, it’s tipping point, maybe even worse. This very point where decisions are being made about vanity rather than security, well being, lack of accountability, and absolutely no sense of community focus within our government has me questioning the future of the town I dearly love. It also raises questions about the motives of those who hold elected seats.
As in any school system, the Superintendent answers to the School Board, not individually. The same be told for the Mayor, and the City Council. It’s the chain of command. Both Mayor, and members of the City Council answer to the voting public, and the Mayor answers to the City Council. Neither can be ran as a dictatorship, nor should it singularly make decisions, or influence employees. But, this is EXACTLY what’s happening, and in some cases, it’s worse than what we probably all know.
I’ve sat, and watched for too long without saying anything, and I feel I’m doing a disservice to this community by not publicly stating my perspective, and asking the hard questions.
Why are the City Council meetings not filled with citizens of Mansfield, and Business owners? TELL ME WHY this is so. PLEASE! If you don’t speak your concerns, they cannot, and will not be answered. If in attendance, you will clearly see the issues and can personally hold elected seats accountable.

And for the life of me, why does no one want to say anything? It is this very reason why problems are not solved, people leave their passionate positions, leave the town they grew up in, nothing changes, and the town becomes a statistic to the negative. Instead, we wait, and wait until one person finally has enough, and says something. Then, it’s too late.

If that person has to be me, and use this article as my soap box, then so be it.
I truly hope the citizens that call this fine town home, and the business/property owners realize where this is heading, start voicing their opinions, ask questions, demand (truthful) answers, and hold public seats accountable for their actions, or lack there of.
The City of Mansfield will never be a destination, attract businesses, and be a positive focal point if its people won’t come together and demand change, and accountability. It’s that simple.
I love you, Mansfield
Jason Baggett

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