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Invisible Home Improvements That Add Value to a Property


When aiming to increase the value of their homes, many homeowners think about making obvious improvements that will change the appearance of their homes. For example, they may coat their walls in fresh paint or install new appliances. However, many types of home improvements that aren’t as plain to the eye can also increase property value. DIY renovators often forget about such invisible improvements, but they’re highly attractive to potential buyers. To learn about some of the best invisible home improvements that add value to a property, continue reading.

Upgrading Your Home’s Insulation

Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the best invisible home improvements you can make to increase the value of your property. Investing in high-quality insulation will improve the comfort of a space by preventing warm air from entering or exiting the area. As a result, your home will be able to maintain a consistent temperature without any random drafts or hot spots.

In addition to improving comfort, quality insulation can also greatly increase the energy-efficiency of a space. By reducing the amount of air that enters or leaves the home, the amount of energy your air conditioner or heater has to expend to keep the home at a comfortable temperature decreases. As a result, your monthly energy bill may greatly decrease.

Soundproofing Your Walls and Ceiling

Another invisible home improvement that adds value to a property is soundproofing the walls and ceiling. A home with paper-thin walls that allows you to hear every small noise that occurs throughout the house will likely be unattractive to potential buyers. Thin walls are especially unappealing if your home is located in a noisy area—such as next to a busy road—where outside sounds can become highly distracting. In any case, taking the time to soundproof your home by investing in acoustic panels, adding a layer of drywall, or replacing thin doors and windows can create a more comfortable and appealing environment for buyers, which will likely be reflected in the property’s overall value. 

Installing a State-of-the-Art Security System

Installing a quality security system is also highly attractive to many buyers, and it can increase the value of one’s home. Investing in a state-of-the-art security system is especially beneficial if your property is in the luxury market or in an area that isn’t particularly safe.

In addition to providing an added sense of safety for the homeowner, having a quality security system in place can also lower insurance premiums, as many insurance companies prefer to insure homes that are more secure. Such benefits will likely increase the value of your property and help your home sell more quickly when the time comes.

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